Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Update #2


Tanzania Medical Team Update #2

Jennifer Stephens/Judy Delany | Apr 25, 2018

I received a note from my mom, Judy Delany, this morning. She said that they still do not have their meds. The TFDA is going to the airport to inspect the bags which will hopefully occur by tonight . If they do release them, then the Tanzania team will have them by 10:00 AM or so on Thursday.


They have finished the children's screenings and have done the gospel bead bracelet sharing with about 40 villagers who then have had a nurse assessment and seen a doctor. About 25 got all the way through the process, and the ones with prescriptions that the team has are being filled. Others are being told to return on Friday for their medications.


Mom said it is so difficult to tell them to come back. She said they bought what they could at a local pharmacy. They have experienced a lot of rain. The water levels in the street are very high, and mom said she bought a new pair of boots to slosh through the standing water and mud.


Today the sun is out and beautiful, though, and they are thankful. The team is very appreciative of Jerry Thames' work to paint the rooms white and get strong light bulbs. She said it makes a huge difference. She asks for continued prayer for the meds to be released. She said the team is doing everything possible - they met with the district person yesterday and he is trying to help.