Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Update #3


Tanzania Medical Team Update #3

Jennifer Stephens/Judy Delany | Apr 26, 2018

I received many short emails from my mom, Judy Delany, this morning all at one time. As you can imagine, an internet connection is rather inconsistent in Tanzania so I'm guessing she sent me each of these messages at different times but I'm not sure what the correct order is. I've made some guesses. I'm listing all her notes below verbatim so you can get a sense of what the Medical Missions team is experiencing.
When David [Taylor] got to airport someone higher up decided we had to have an account with tfda... Takes 3 weeks so David will retrieve meds within the month. So..... None of our meds for this trip. We're buying what we can at local pharmacy and helping those we can. Team is good. 8 musketeers.  [sent Thursday?]
The team has maintained a great spirit throughout with all our morning devotionals from team members being the perfect message of encouragement and trusting God.  We are all pretty exhausted... Long days.
Thank you for your faithful prayers.  They have been answered by our faithful God. The team are all well and working beautifully.. Perfect mix and blend of skill sets. We took someone to the hospital today who was immediately admitted and kept overnight. The patient's BP was 240/198.  We very well may have saved a life today." - [sent Wednesday?]
We're beginning to think that God orchestrated our luggage/meds delay to bring together some of the groups here with the ministry here for a bigger purpose going forward. I think our team has had the privilege of being uncomfortable and frustrated to bring about a greater purpose in God's bigger story than ours.
When I told the team that our prayer of rain all night and sunshine during the day had been answered. They were incredulous that we weren't praying for no rain at all during our trip :)
Please pray for Heidi especially tomorrow to fill the backed up prescriptions and keep up with all our patients tomorrow. I'm still happy with rain at night as long as we can have a sunny day. It is amazing to realize how many people have heard the gospel by the end of the week. Pray the Holy Spirit will speak to them through this exercise. It is also equipping the elders of Pastor Warielli's Church as they have stepped up to be trained and now to work with us all 3 days to speak to the villagers." [sent Wednesday?]
I think our total number today is around 100 with 30 school children and over 65 villagers. [sent Tuesday or Wednesday?] 


"We went to the school chapel this morning. Some of us were in tears watching such joyous worship"




"This is directly in front of the church and we navigate patients through this all day."




"Lots of work here. Village library is perfect location."


"Church elder sharing gospel."