Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Update #4


Tanzania Medical Team Update #4

Judy Delany | Apr 27, 2018

How strange it is to say that we had a great day today despite the disappointment of not getting our meds and medical supplies from the airport as expected.

We saw over 100 villagers today. These folks are really the poorest of the poor. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself with slugging through mud back and forth from the church to the pharmacy in the library until I led a Massai woman about 65 with a stick for a cane who could barely walk and she was barefoot going through all the water and mud. She held my hand and said thank you many times.


Heidi has become the local pharmacy owner's new best friend. It took hours, but we finally got an inhaler for a woman who was going into an asthma attack. We'll close the clinic at 2 tomorrow and clean up and pack up. The District Medical Officer wants to come to meet with us after we close. This is a first! He is totally committed to making this ministry work. God is definitely at work with this team and with this ministry.


Pray that we will end well and get some much needed rest over the weekend.