Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Update #5


Tanzania Medical Team Update #5

Judy Delany | Apr 30, 2018

Our team has finished well and are in great spirits. We served many of the poorest of the poor. I think everyone is ready to return. We all agree that God has used our circumstances for good and for His greater plan.


Tomorrow we will start the journey home. Pray for safe travels. 


I hope we have a picture to share with our Harvester friends of Patti Leazer teaching the Tanzanian patients how to slide as she kept them in order to see the doctors. Priceless! 

We've all learned to be thankful for dry socks and dry shoes and dry clothes. These are some of the things we all take for granted. Thank you for your prayers.



In case you can't figure out the motorcycle picture it is about a dozen chickens taking a ride to market.



This message is for all of those who support children here. This woman is "my girl" sponsored since she was about 6. She, of course, has graduated out of project child and we now have another child. But Jennipher will be my child forever. Her mother died when she was 13 and I was here the following month and able to hold and comfort her while she cried with her grief. She introduced her daughter, Joy, named after one of my daughters, to me as her Bibi (grandmother).  I took her the quilt I had made for her so she would have it as a reminder that someone far away loved her.


Jennipher is in her second year of teacher's college and hopes to be able to support her family including a younger sister, Hosiana. Being involved personally and financially with project child at Perimeter has been life-changing for both Jennipher and me. It won't be difficult for you to know I picked her from all the pictures in 2002 because she had the same name as my daughter.