Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Update #6


Tanzania Medical Team Update #6

Heidi Cantrell | May 05, 2018

Salve for the Soul - I'm certain I'll never be able to put into words the joy, wonder, amazement, peace, grace, and satisfaction I felt on this trip. We learned a lot about God's sovereignty, what it means to truly trust Him, and how peaceful and natural that feeling is. I honestly never stressed about the meds--whether they were coming or not. God provided what we needed to serve nearly 600 people through the little pharmacy in town. It felt good to support a local business and put money into their economy. It was a time of peaceful living: doing God's work, living for that day and not worrying about tomorrow. We prayed for the meds, we hoped for them, our team leaders made calls and wrote letters about them, but we were not distraught when God did not provide them in "our time". Not only did He control the situation, forging new relationships with a local medical official and his staff, but He gave us peace to deal with uncertainty that came every day. That is the power of prayer, from all us there and you back home.      


If everything had gone the way we planned, we might have missed the hand of God at work. We might have counted our successes as foregone conclusions and missed the wonder of a much greater purpose unfolding all around us. We prayed, and asked you to pray, every day for the safe delivery of our meds, but it was God's perfect will that they never came. In their absence, a great alliance was formed with critical, government medical leadership that is opening doors and could create a mutually beneficial relationship going forward.      


I thought I was there to fill prescriptions, but God reminded me that it is not the medicine that saves, but rather His gracious, merciful love. We did not always have the tools we wanted--the absent otoscope, an extra thermometer, the ointment to heal a wound--but God gave us overflowing salve for the soul to share in a hug, a handshake and a smile, a caring exam, a literal washing of the feet. Our own tools and skills can be useful gifts, but they are not essential. We are honored, grateful and humbled to have been tools in the hands of the Creator, the Potter, the Almighty God, the Loving Father, the Great Physician.