Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Update #7 - Short Stories


Tanzania Medical Team Update #7 - Short Stories

Heidi Cantrell | May 05, 2018

We were a few minutes late to church that first Sunday. We had to walk in across the front, behind the choir, while the church was on their feet, physically worshipping in dance and song. They graciously provided seats for us, right up front in a place of honor, so we would not miss out. But we stuck out. Initially uncomfortable with the attention and unfamiliarity, there we were, a handful of white people standing still in a moving wave of Tanzanians pouring their hearts out to God. Eventually, the awkwardness passed and the joy of the moment enveloped us, as well. Pastor was gracious enough to provide a translator for the entire sermon, inviting us to join the congregation in hearing the word of God. After a few minutes, Pastor publicly greeted us and proclaimed, "You are not visitors here. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We are all one body." Not a single one of us missed the connection to the message of Greater Love we've been hearing at Perimeter. We were overcome with gratitude to experience just a moment of what true inclusion looks and feels like.


Much ado has been made about the missing meds, but many of you may not have heard stories of the medical supplies we were able to bring in. Todd's professional medical connections donated bags and boxes full of supplies he was able to use to clean the feet of countless students and villagers. In a very tangible act of Christ, he washed the feet of the least of these. At the end of our trip, we were thrilled to still have enough to donate 3-4 suitcases of much needed medical supplies to the local hospital. God is still multiplying His loaves and fishes.


Over lunch one day, Todd asked Headmaster Godfrey if there was something that struck him about people he'd met from Perimeter Church. “Your hearts," he said. "You gave up so much, sacrificed so much to come here. You leave your job, your nice home, your family, you give up your money and your time … I see Jesus in all of this. You are doing what He did. He gave up His heavenly home, communion with God, His riches, His time, to reach His people. This is what you are doing … doing what Jesus did.”


Friends, you are also apart of this. You have given your riches to send us, your time in prayer to bless us. We are unspeakably grateful for our role in this story. We are all doing what Christ has called us to do.