Stories - European Leadership Forum Update #3


European Leadership Forum Update #3

Kathy Respess | Jun 09, 2018

Last year I mentored two women here on their marriages at the request of ELF. I was glad to finish that because I felt so inadequate since I haven't done that for 20 years and I'm not married. Fast forward to this year, I was in the dining room two nights ago and this girl from Serbia came up to me and asked me if I was Kathy Respess? She said that I mentored her last year and that something I said had changed her life. I met her for breakfast yesterday and she told me that she and her husband were both from divorced families of origin. They were struggling even as Christians. She felt very unworthy to be his wife because she had a very shady life as a young women. I told her my story of feeling so alone and hopeless when my husband left. I told her of my feeling that God could never use me again. I told her of my conversation with God that since He had left me here on earth in this helpless state then it must be for a reason, so I needed Him to show me His purpose for my life and part of that purpose was to be talking with her. When she got home she ask the Lord to do the same for her- show her His purpose. She and her husband now have a very strong and balanced relationship. They have started a marriage ministry in their church that has extended out into their community. No matter how inadequate you feel, step out in faith because God always equips us to do His will. Maybe I came to Poland this year to hear "the rest of the story".