Stories - Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #1


Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #1

Garrett Baird | Jul 21, 2018

Today was a big day, we started off the trip strong with a large thunder storm, a fallen tree, and a double delayed flight; the spiritual warfare was already becoming evident! However, we all made it safely and in good spirits to the airports international terminal. We met up at Entrance Two and greeted each other warmly. Although it was early we were all still very excited to get going on the work we were going to do in Guatemala.



Then, prepared and ready to go, we waited 45 minutes to get all of the boarding passes situated before heading over to security. The line for security was relatively short as we sped through it. Some of us (including me) got searched, but we all made it through with all of our carry-on bags and personal items secure. We then decided to go throughout Concourse F in search of food to eat before our flight. We dispersed to various food locations and eventually met up at the terminal where we learned that our flight had been delayed for another hour and a half. However, through all of this we kept up our spirits, through a turbulent flight and several startling extra-loud announcements, we stayed upbeat and ready for what God would soon allow us to do on our trip.




We then retrieved our luggage and went through Guatemalan customs. Once through, we found our vehicles and made our way to the compound. We brought our bags in and began to get acquainted with the place we will be staying for the next week. We then found our rooms and started to unpack our things. We ate lunch from McDonald™s and discovered several of the activities available at the compound such as ping-pong, foosball, and lounging in the common area between rooms or on the upper porch (if you're a kid or young adult).





We gathered and played a game to get to know each other where we went around in a circle saying our names, favorite food, and one interesting fact. To me at least it seemed that an abnormally large number of individuals on our team like sushi for some reason?? We had our first kitchen cooked meal as a team and enjoyed the rest of the night.





Overall, we got to know each other and grew together as a team on day one. Although we didn't do much on day one, we got closer to our friends and made new ones; we have now prepared ourselves to go out and serve together not as individuals, but as a team that can grow spiritually and make a change together.