Stories - Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #3


Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #3

Kris Higgins | Jul 23, 2018

This is my first trip to Guatemala. It’s our second day of our "mission" work here. I didn’t know what to expect. I heard stories of past trips, etc. but experiencing it is incredible.


It’s hard to know where to begin, because each day has been so full. Yesterday, we were at Mana de Vida, the Christian school for children who cannot afford to go to school. We were welcomed by a parade of children with balloons, singing and treating us like we were celebrities. We then joined them in their worship service in the courtyard…and the singing. I've heard children sing in different languages on TV, but there is nothing like hearing the voices of about 100 kids sing worship songs in Spanish, live, literally praising God. Some of them had their eyes closed and hands raised.


After that amazing experience, we were brought up front in a line and each child came by and hugged us. I've never said, "Hola!" so much in my life! I really wish I knew more Spanish, or at least practiced more phrases before I came. The smiles, the hugs, the warm embrace and acceptance of the children was humbling and beautiful. They LOVE hugs. They LOVE the cameras and getting their pictures taken. They are open hearted and tender. They are well behaved and thankful. They have very little, but they are content.


I worked in the kitchen helping to prepare lunch with another team member and our interpreter, then helped to serve the lunch to the children. What a joy that was! We handed them tootsie pops as a treat. Their eyes lit up. Simple. Smiles. Hugs. Lollipops. No sermons. No big words. Just a whole lot of love.


Today, we went back to Mana de Vida and went into a community where, Lord willing, the new permanent campus of Mana de Vida will be built in the next few years. I haven't ever seen this kind of poverty. We were delivering clothes to the people there. Kids from the school came and helped set up the tables, place the bags of clothes out and we passed them out. They lined up and came by the droves to get clothing for themselves and their children.


Two women in particular were very open and hugged me openly. There was something special in their eyes. As we talked through an interpreter, we realized that we were sisters in Christ. One woman started to cry and thanked us for helping them. Of course, I started to cry also. What did I do? I just came to pass out clothes one day out of my year. She welcomed us to her home any time. It was a simple square concrete home in the middle of the trees. What a precious woman. The other woman asked me to pray for her that she would get a job. She also wanted a Bible so she could read it. She wanted me to have her name so I would remember to pray for her. So the interpreter wrote it down. I prayed, first asking God, "What do I say? It's just me…I have so much. She needs so much." But, the Lord reminded me that He is God over both of us. We both live under the same sky. We both need Him. We both can't "do" life without Him. He loves us both equally. I told her that she can see Jesus in the sky and the trees and He will hear her prayer. He is her provider. We can know Him, know He exists, through what he has made…and hopefully we will get her a Bible so she can read His words and find even more knowledge and comfort.


I end with this… Praise God that He is over all. He sees it all. He knows it all, and He cares about it all. From one end of the earth to the other, God is holding it all together. He is orchestrating His love and His will in the lives of people all over the earth. This is amazing to me, and comforting. We are all His. From the little child that loved to be tickled, to the nursing mother, to this suburban housewife, and to the toothless grandmother, the Lord loves us all and is watching over all of us, bidding us come to Him alone for life. "The Lord is slow to anger and quick to love…The Lord has compassion on ALL He has made… Psalm 145."