Stories - Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #4


Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #4

Neale Hightower | Jul 24, 2018

As I write this, we have just finished our debrief time with the team at the end of our fourth day of the trip. This is my second time in Guatemala, and I continue to be amazed with how God works in the simple things, and the faith of the people we meet. When we were at Maná de Vida yesterday, one of the interpreters asked me what Americans thought of Guatemala. I told him I couldn’t speak for all Americans, but that last time I was blown away at the beauty of the country and the warmth & hospitality of the people. Since we’ve been here my impressions are only reinforced.


My son David and I spent our first two working days at Maná de Vida. After a very warm welcome from all of the kids, we went off to work on our project. The school has a clinic which has a pharmacy attached, and we had wanted improve storage in the pharmacy. Guatemala is a very seismically active area, and when earthquakes occur, medicines in the clinic would rattle off the shelves. The team managed to pack and bring down almost 180 individual bins that could be mounted to the walls and keep the medicines in place when they get a “temblor.” While our work at the clinic was not directly with the kids, it helped us get a better understanding of the amazing and comprehensive work that Maná de Vida does. In addition to providing an education and food, the clinic provides medical and dental services for the students. Without access to doctors otherwise, illness has the potential to interrupt education, so the clinic helps keep the kids in school.


Also, while we were there we had lunch with the lawyer who works in the clinic for International Justice Ministries (IJM). As they see kids at the clinic, they can often spot sexual abuse or exploitation. The problem apparently is much worse in Escuintla than even the rest of Guatemala. Maná de Vida works with local authorities and IJM to identify victims and protect them from further abuse. Today we wrapped up our time at Maná with some time at the school, having lunch with the kids and a splash party at the pool. Our team had a great time playing with the kids and just having fun. Tomorrow David and I head out to the Medical Missions Ministries clinics, and we are excited to see what God will do, and what we will learn. Our debrief time this evening was full of God stories from the clinics, so we expect to see Him continue to do great things