Stories - Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #5


Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #5

Ty Bryant | Jul 25, 2018

Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.” I’ve always loved that verse because of the senses it provokes. When you taste something so good you can’t get away from it, you keep coming back to said item again and again. Jesus is like that to those of us who have run headlong into His love and grace. We have tasted, and we can’t get enough of Him.


I’m in Guatemala this week with my 12-year-old son and a team of amazing individuals, and I dare say all of us, in some way or another, have tasted once again how amazing, how compassionate, how longstanding and patient, and how gracious is our Lord Jesus. I know I sure have.


From the young woman who brought her young toddler daughter into the medical clinic who was pregnant with her second child, to the senior adult male who shared the brokenness he has experienced in the last 11 or 12 years via a failed marriage and accusations by his family that he said are untrue. I was and am reminded that we are all the same.


We are all on a journey, and this journey has no guarantees except that “in this world we will have troubles,” but it doesn’t stop there. It says to those who taste and trust in the One who is I Am…who brings us from death to life…who gave His own life to take our place in judgment…for those of us who taste that grace there is the second half of that verse. Yes, there will be troubles along life’s road, some so hard that we feel we might break under their burden, but the promise for those of us who belong to him says, “…but be of good cheer for I (Jesus) have overcome the world.”


That is what I was able to share with the young mom who felt hopeless and lost. She shared and I shared. Different paths, but the same need. We both need to taste the goodness of Jesus. After hearing her story and sharing some of mine, this young mom chose to pray and received Christ right there in the middle of make shift medical clinic set up in the church of a poor village…because Jesus is there.


The old gray-haired man, who came in with pain in his shoulder and back, who was probably close to 70, shared his heartbreak, but how Jesus had met him in the middle of that heartbreak years earlier, and how he is now a leader in the church in spite of his broken home and strained family relationships. He had tasted and continues to taste the goodness of the Savior, and we were able to pray for Jesus to heal him not only of his physical ailments, but of his emotional and relational scars.


Who knows how the lives of these individuals and their families will turn out, but I know sitting in a hot, dusty room in the middle of country in Guatemala, we were all able to taste together the goodness of the Lord and we are better for it.