Stories - Watershed Journey To South Africa


Watershed Journey To South Africa

Emilio Hood | Aug 01, 2018


We had an incredible time in Africa, and watched God move in us, and through us, in amazing ways!


During the two days in the squatter communities, we saw probably close to twenty people pray to receive Christ for the first time, and around 5 people healed.


My favorite story from the communities was one where a small group were talking to a woman about Jesus. While talking, a man with a broken ankle was walking by. A few of the group split from the conversation to pray for this mans ankle. By the time they were done praying the man was standing up jumping and dancing because he had been healed! After seeing the man jump, the woman prayed to receive Jesus. She wanted to give her life to the one who heals!


My other favorite part isn'™t so much a story, but a life change. We challenged the group, and were challenged by others, to pray boldly and expectantly. In the squatter communities our students began doing this and seeing God move. But even after we were done in those communities our students continued to pray boldly. Each time a member in our group began feeling sick or attacked through spiritual warfare the group would come together and pray for that person. Each time we prayed, within a matter of minutes the person would feel better.


Their attitude towards prayer, and attitude towards allowing God to use them, is completely different. And I have no doubt that God will continue to do amazing things in and through them back home!