Belarus - June 18

Randy Schlichting | Jun 18, 2016

It may have been the most powerful moment of the trip. As Pearl shared we had communion with Him and one another. I won't share the details of it because in some sense they don't matter but what I can share is that the people you supported have been changed in a significant way. They... |MORE|

Belarus - June 17

Randy Schlichting | Jun 17, 2016

Early morning departure from Stolin. A lot of emotion was expressed as we said goodbye. Families have really connected with our team. Some of the families are nominal orthodox. So I think they saw a new type of Christianity. To paraphrase, their lives are compartmentalized: education here, music... |MORE|

Belarus - June 15 and 16

Randy Schlichting | Jun 16, 2016

June 15 - Our team devotion this morning was Jesus calming the waves. He can do that for us. He is also the one who sometimes kicks up the wind and waves so we run to Him.  We processed a bit further into the field of death experience we had yesterday. Our team was moved. Some could... |MORE|

Belarus - June 13 and 14

Randy Schlichting | Jun 14, 2016

June 13th - They danced. They sang. They played instruments. Traditional Belorussian folk dance. Belorussian folk music. Belorussian hip hop?   We did too. The Beatles "Help!" and Justin Timberlake. An original by Colin Baxter. It was not a battle of the bands. We... |MORE|

Blog #2 for Belarus...

Randy Schlichting | Jun 12, 2016

We spent some team time Sunday afternoon processing our first 24 hours and then we prepared to go to the 6:00 PM service at church. Many on the team had been uncomfortable about staying in homes. All gave a positive report of interaction with their hosts and feel blessed and that it is a... |MORE|

Belarus - June 11

Randy Schlichting | Jun 11, 2016

We worship Him today! Ahead of you...and with you! It is 9:00 AM here. The team had a long trek yesterday but we were warmly greeted by Belarusian friends. Two by two they went off to stay in homes. A bit scary for some but the Lord blessed. All had English translators or Google translate.... |MORE|