Tanzania - Update #3

Wendy, for a grateful team | Mar 31, 2016

Today was AMAZING!!!   Wednesdays always begin with Chapel at PUNCHMI school.  It is not to be missed, and we didn't! Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for of such is the kingdom of God." Worship is led by the children ...... |MORE|

Tanzania - Update #1

Wendy for the team | Mar 29, 2016 we are in Karanse!  It was a long circuitous journey to get here, but we're here now!  It all started with the compressor on our plane in Atlanta...  a plane swap and a 3 hour delay... missing our one flight per delay connection to Tanzania and an overnight in... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Post #3

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 23, 2015

Monday was day one of the medical clinic. We started bright and early and saw over half of our students.  We worked so well as a team you'd never know that some of us had never met.   It was great to see Daktari Chuck love on the students and make them feel so... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Post #2

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 20, 2015

Today the team attended church at Pastor W's.   It was great to worship with our Tanzanian's brothers and sisters.  We didn't understand what they were staying and vice versa, but being in the body of Christ it didn't matter.  Bwana Asifiwe.  ... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Post #1

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 19, 2015

Here is the team's blog.  They are doing great.  Today was focused on meeting their sponsor children.  Lots of great stories:   Chuck - High:  Meeting my four sponsor kids.  I lost it when I met Upendo.  Hearing her story made it more... |MORE|

Tanzania - June 4, 2015

Tanzania Team | Jun 04, 2015

Hi all! We were all very sad to leave the village today. Here's a recap of what happened Tuesday and Wednesday:   On Tuesday morning, we had the privilege of opening sponsor gifts with the children. As a first timer, let me tell you it is one of the... |MORE|

Tanzania - June 2, 2015

Wendy for the team | Jun 02, 2015

Today was our first "school day" in the village ... and it was a great one! |MORE|

Tanzania - June 1, 2015

Tanzania Team | Jun 01, 2015

Still no electricity.... Day two: We started off the morning with some car troubles. The Taylors' car wouldn't start, but we jumped it with a stripped wire (only in Africa)! We did get to church though. The youth were taken out and were the speakers for the youth service.... |MORE|

Tanzania - May 31, 2015

Tanzania Team | May 31, 2015

The team is without electricity where they are staying. Fortunately, the missionaries have it!   Here is what they have to tell us about their journey so far: Hello all! We have arrived safely in the village. We have not had wifi so this is our first blog post: We arrived Friday... |MORE|

GO Journey to Tanzania

Frances | Sep 06, 2014

I went to Tanzania with my 2 daughters and it was a special time. It was awesome to see God at work in all of us and our team. The spiritual warfare abounded but we started each day "putting on our armor" and God met us exactly where we were ... What a great way for our children to see... |MORE|