Hospitality Set-up Instructions

  1. Prepare trays of pastries in kitchen. (set them on shelf in storage closet at back of Harvesters meeting room until first service is over)
  2. Get BASES for large coffee dispensers and WHITE POWER STRIP from shelf in storage closest. (coffee dispensers as well as hot water carafes and trays with creamer & sweeteners and stirrers are brought in by church coffee bar personnel---sometimes they also bring napkins in a tray)
  3. Set coffee dispensers on the bases and plug the bases into power strip.
  4. Set small Styrofoam plate and napkin under each dispenser spigot to catch drips.
  5. Cups are in a large box on floor beneath shelves in storage closet.
  6. Extra napkins are usually in a box on shelf in closet.
  7. A basket with tea bags is usually on shelf in closet (if more tea bags are needed go to coffee bar and ask for them).
  8. Get 2 pitchers in main kitchen, fill with ice and water (set them on shelf in storage room until first service is over----if no group is using the room first hour they can be left on the coffee table).


NOTE---if any items are not found in storage closet, go to coffee bar and ask for them.

Clean-up Instructions

  1. Get cart from coffee bar
  2. Take all dispensers (not the bases) , hot water carafes, tray with creamers, stirrers etc. back to coffee bar. Empty dispensers and rinse out, then set on rack. Ask Coffee Bar Persons if you are unsure.
  3. Unplug BASES and return them to shelf in closet along with POWER STRIP. (stack BASES by 2's to conserve space)
  4. Return unused napkins to napkin box on shelf.
  5. Return unused cups to large box---preferably wrapped in the plastic sleeve. (DO NOT put loose cups on shelves)!
  6. Return basket with tea bags to shelf in closet.
  7. Return water pitchers to main kitchen and empty them out.



Thank you for serving!