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The Twenties/College summer series will end with a social on Tuesday August 7 at 7:30 PM at Twisted Taco. Kickoff for fall series is Tuesday, September 4.
More details to follow. 

Life Together:
A Summer Series For College Students And Young Adults

Tuesdays, Now - August 7, 7:30 PM
Our technology connects us across continents, but our lives feel ever more isolated from one another. The gospel addresses that alienation, and yet we often think of our spiritual lives as our individual experiences, disciplines, or beliefs. The Scriptures paint a picture of life lived together with Jesus, together with his people, together on his mission to bring his love to the world. Join us all summer, as we dig deep into this reality together!

Perimeter Twenties Ministry is a hub to help twenty-somethings connect at Perimeter Church, whether you're single, dating, engaged, married, etc.


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Other Communities

A community tailored to couples within their first 5 years of marriage, with or without children. Currently meets at 10:45 AM on Sunday mornings, as well as offering a variety of fun social events every year!


Ultimate every Sunday afternoon at Perimeter Church at 2:30 PM. All skill levels and all kinds of fun are had.








A new lay-led community for 30-somethings.













Playing soccer on Sunday














The best way for you to connect and grow at Perimeter is in life-on-life missional discipleship! Click the button below to learn more about discipleship and how to get involved.


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