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Perimeter's Women's Ministry has several ways that women can be better equipped in their roles as wives. Join us in the journey as we are encouraged by God's plan for us as wives.


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  • Wisdom for Wives (W4W) Class

    We are thrilled to offer the Wisdom for Wives study about God's timeless design for marriage, and our role as wives. The principles learned in this newly revised study apply to women of all ages and stages of marriage, and have been updated with more current resources, content, and homework.



    We will meet for eight weeks beginning Tuesday, June 5 - August 7,
     from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. 
    We will skip June 12 (Women's Ministry End of Year Celebration) and July 3.



    To be fully prepared for the first week of class you will need to pick up your Wisdom for Wives workbook from the Perimeter bookstore ($20) and watch the following two videos:


  • The Respect Dare
    Please check back for the next scheduled dates for The Respect Dare.

    Do you want to communicate better with your husband and increase intimacy with him in the process? Are you open to discovering proven results from real women who have turned their marriages around or turned them from good to great? What is the key to transforming your relationship with your husband? Respect.


    "Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband."
    Ephesians 5:33


    Research speaks very clearly about how important respect is to men. But new and mature followers of Christ struggle with how to implement this concept of respecting their husbands in their marriage. And we also wonder how the concept of "mutual respect" comes into play. We're told by our culture that respect should be earned, but the Bible says we should unconditionally respect our husbands. Admittedly, this is difficult to do! That's why there's The Respect Dare.


    An amazing thing happens in the journey with The Respect Dare. As you pursue your heart's desire for a deeper intimacy with your husband through the daily respect dares, you will discover the hidden treasure of deeper intimacy with God. And deeper intimacy with God produces in us unconditional love and respect for our husbands, which takes us to a much deeper level of intimacy with our husband than we ever imagined or hoped.


    The husband writes:  "Over the years, my wife and I have been very active in learning scripture through many of the great resources offered through Perimeter. That being the case, we were neglecting the most important relationship after our relationship with Christ, which is our marriage. When my wife first started The Respect Dare, I immediately recognized changes.  Specifically, my wife has relinquished most of her controlling nature over to God, resulting in a genuine desire to grow our marriage. She demonstrates restraint in her quick responses and listens more carefully during discussions, which allows for genuine participation in healthy conversations. I can honestly say, as a result of The Respect Dare our relationship is growing daily through Christ who truly showed up in my wife, evidenced by her efforts to demonstrate her role with spiritual maturity. My wife and I are now closer than we have ever been and we honor our commitment to each other as a demonstration of our love for Christ."


    His wife shared her journey in the class.  "I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up for The Respect Dare. I knew I needed to better communicate with my husband. Not even a week or two into the classes, I was most humbled. It wasn't canned responses or do's and don'ts that I learned, instead it was an understanding of what I had really meant, truly meant in my heart, by my responses either with words or silence. The forum was outstanding as we had a good curriculum, supported by scripture, and women to share and grow with.


    Even in this mature age, I discovered just how narrow and worldly my viewpoint was and how much unknown baggage I had been carrying. It's a bit humbling to admit how much I needed to change. My thoughts and awareness both were enhanced, but more important my heart changed. Repentance is an understatement as I was truly burdened with how I had interacted with my husband in these past years. Our communications quickly improved. Of course, I still have baggage, but I understand it now. I would recommend this challenge to any wife who struggles with control and quick words that aren't well received by her husband."



    Wisdom for Wives or some equivalent foundational teaching with a biblical context of respect in marriage is a prerequisite. Why? Because we are 'doing' respect in The Respect Dare - this is NOT a bible study about respect and submission. It is NOT a self-improvement program. It is discovering the transforming power of respecting your husband by practicing it daily for nine weeks.


    The Respect Dare. Stop reading and studying about it. JUST DO IT

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