Hurricane Relief

Join us in praying for those whose lives have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian. We know that many of you are interested in donating to the recovery. Although it is tempting to want to do a collection for clothing, etc. getting these items into the affected areas is not that easy. We suggest you donate financially at this time.


We have been following the reports from our partner, The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is already on the ground providing food and water and will begin providing other items when they are allowed into the affected areas (there is a process to Emergency Relief). Perimeter works through the Salvation Army in order to meet the most critical needs both short and long term following a disaster such as this. They are also bracing domestically to assist with efforts along the U.S. coast. If you or others you know want to help meet the most critical needs, it is best to donate monetarily by clicking the button below.