Church Planting

As a part of the City and Campus Transformation team at Perimeter Church, the Church Planting ministry seeks to advance the vision to "reach out beyond the 'walls' of the church in Word and deed to the community, city, and world." 


Our mission is to bring Greater Atlanta into an encounter with the Kingdom through planting new churches in strategic communities across the metro area. Perimeter believes that one of the most effective ways to promote the growth of God's Kingdom is by planting. Perimeter is committed to training men who have been called to church planting and mentoring them through learning our "best practices". We look forward to sending out these daughter churches, which will plant other churches, so that "greater Atlanta and all the places Perimeter serves will come into a life-transforming encounter with the Kingdom of God".


Perimeter Church has been associated with and actively involved in the planting of 35 local churches around metro-Atlanta since the early 80's.


Metro Atlanta Collective

Perimeter was involved in the formation of the Metro Atlanta Collective, formerly called the North Georgia Church Planting Network. A Church Planting Network is an intentional shared relationship (prayer and community) between three or more church planters and key leaders in a region or city who share common values and vision to resource one another in the mission of starting, strengthening and multiplying new churches, for God's glory and the region's good.