Serve Your City Weekend



On Saturday, October 15, we want to encourage YOU to be intentional in serving those around you. In all the places God might have you that day and with the people He has placed in your life, the question is: how will you be Jesus?

Where will you be? Who will you serve? How will you serve?

  • Working that weekend? How can you pray for or serve your co-workers?
  • Kids have multiple soccer games that day? How about sharing snacks with the parents cheering next to you?
  • Watching the big game and cooking out? Invite your neighbors and cook a few extra hotdogs.
  • Volunteering at a nonprofit? Who might be waiting for the invitation to serve with you?
  • Hosting a neighborhood food drive? How can this help you connect to neighbors you still haven’t met?

Have an idea how you will be serving? Share it with us!

We will post your serving plans and ideas here to encourage others in how they can participate in THEIR city!

Mandy - I'll be hanging out on the Soccer fields with my "Soccer parent Neighbors"! I'm excited to be intentional that day, and probably bring them some sort of refreshment, and continue to build community.

Sharon - I'll be praying for and blessing our local Police officers.

Jennifer - Me and my family plan on making a meal to take to a neighbor who will have welcomed a new baby in October!

Cindy - Home for Hope home preparation with Pamela.

Explore ways to serve with your City Impact Team: