Live, Work, Play

Live, Work, Play





Listen to Drue Warner, Ministry Director talk about Live, Work and Play  in the video above.

Live, Work & Play Ministries places the focus, for sharing our faith, on building relationships with the people around us (i.e. in our neighborhoods, public schools, in the work place, and where we go to play & have fun) through acts of love, hospitality and service. read more...



Missional Living 

Where we live - Where we work - Where we play


Ministry Plan

Why Do We Exist? 
What Are We Trying To Accomplish?

What does the Live, Work & Play ministry look like among Perimeter people?
How Do We Plan To Accomplish Our Vision?
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Q & A 

Questions that have been asked about Live, Work & Play ministry, and our best attempts to provide an answer. This may be a helpful resource for your personal ministry.



Drue Warner
Live, Work & Play Ministries Director