Tuesday Night Prayer

Every Tuesday evening we have an open meeting for those interested in prayer to come together in our prayer room. This is a great place for seasoned pray-ers and those just learning about prayer. (I learned about prayer listening to others pray for over a month!) We meet from 7:00 until 9:00 PM in the Prayer Room.


We will have a short teaching time from His Word on prayer. Tuesday nights are open to all. We often have visitors ranging from other local churches to missionaries, staff and members needing prayer. Please know this is a SAFE place to pray. We are all a part of Christ's body and are at various places in our prayer walk. We do not put anyone on the spot and it is fine to visit and not pray if the Holy Spirit does not lead you to do so. We have members of our prayer team available to pray with folks either before or after this meeting so we can spend our time from 7:00 until 9:00 PM in prayer as a focused effort. This can be a time of corporate prayer, small group prayer or of two coming together for prayer. We have 10 prayer stations open in our prayer room, too, that have specific areas for intercessors.


 Perimeter Prayer Ministry (PPM) - Pray Big!