Our Mission

Our mission is to bring greater Atlanta and beyond into an encounter with the Kingdom of God through the planting of new churches in strategic cities and communities. Perimeter has been associated with and/or directly involved in the planting of over thirty-five churches all around Metro Atlanta since the early 1980’s, and thousands more around the world. By His grace, we have “tasted” the fruits of church planting and are excited about an even more fruitful future.

Perimeter Church is committed to training men who have been called to church planting. Each man will learn from the history, vision, values, and best practices of the church. These men will be sent out to plant churchs which plant other churches, so that "greater Atlanta and all places where we serve [will be brought] into a life transforming encounter with the Kingdom of God.” Our vision is that of “churches planting churches,” resulting in a church planting movement of His grace.



Residence & Internship Program

Peterimeter's Church Planter in Residence Program is a two-year program focused on training each resident in Perimeter's best practices, giving him expertise in six professional competencies, and providing valuable "on the job training". The training focuses on life and relationships, rather than merely on the content of each “practice”.

The purpose of the resident’s time at Perimeter is to learn to be proficient and effective in ministry, while becoming competent in the following areas: Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry Design, Leadership, Management, and Preaching/Teaching. The resident will spend time learning both in the context of Perimeter and within the context of a recently planted church or daughter congregation.


The Church Planting and Discipleship Internship is essentially the same training as that of the Resident. There are three differences.:

(1) At the end of the two years of training, the Resident will be committed to planting a daughter church of Perimeter in the Atlanta or north Georgia area, whereas the Intern will be a "free agent", able to accept a call from any church or network where the Lord leads.  

(2) Whereas those in the Residency must be fully prepared to plant at the end of the two years of training, those in the Internship Program will not be under the same pressure. Instead, the intern might very well go on to other roles before planting several years away, or perhaps go on to serve as the Discipleship Pastor of a church plant or an established church. 

(3) The Church Planting and Discipleship Intern will be required to raise a portion of the required funds, apporximately $25,000 per year for each of the two years. The balance of the funds will come from Perimeter's budget and from key donors.



Planning, Training, Coaching

During the final phase of his residency, the Church Planter in Residence will have the opportunity to develop his ministry plan and raise "startup funds". This will also be true of the Church Planting and Discipleship Intern if he has secured a call to plant following the Internship.


Opportunities For Service & Support

Perimeter will provide significant funding for each and every daughter congregation planted by a former Church Planter in Residence. Each church planter will be responsible to raise approximately 1/3 of the church's start-up costs. An additional 1/3 will come from the core group and initial offerings of the developing congregation. This funding from individuals, families and foundations remains vital and essential for success in God's call in church planting.

Besides financial suport, Perimeter also offers its members opportunities to serve in our church plants during their early days of formation through the service areas of childcare, teaching in kids’ classes, worship facilitation, etc. These services can be done on an individual basis or with a group, such as a discipleship group or Bible study service project. 


How is God calling you to join our Church Planting team?

Whether you are led to make application as a church planter, offer services, resources, or abilities to one of our new church plants, or make a financial contribution, we look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to know more about Church Planting call 678.405.2104 or e-mail us at bobcargo@Perimeter. org . 



Bob Cargo – Director of Church Planting 

Amy Starkes – Church Planting Administrator

"By 2030 ... the nation will be dominated by ten different so-called megapolitan areas ... multipolar, auto-dependent, and geographically vast." 

The Atlanta region will be one of them.

(See Joel Kotkin, Next Hundred Million, 34)