Internship Program In Church Planting & Discipleship

The Church Planting and Discipleship Internship of Perimeter Church is a two year period of focused training.

The training will focus especially on these six areas of Perimeter's DNA:


  1. Gospel Driven - The Gospel is not merely the doorway into the Christian life. It is the A to Z of Christianity. It is the motive and means of sanctification as well as justification. We seek churches that are driven (motivated and empowered) by a love of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 
  2. Evangelistic and Missional - We do not seek merely to transfer church members from one church to another. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. We join Him in seeking to take the Good News of the Kingdom to those who are yet to repent and believe. 
  3. Life-on-Life Spiritual Development/Discipleship - Class room teaching and education has its place. However, the heart of spiritual development is a relational and personal process that focuses upon small group discipleship and one on one mentoring. 
  4. The Ministry Belongs to the Laity - The Pastor's Primary Job is to be a Leader/Equipper. Ephesians chapter 4 states that all the saints are to be engaged in ministry and service, according to how each has been gifted by God’s Spirit. The pastor is to equip the people of God to do works of service. 
  5. Intentional Leadership Development - Leaders in churches do not appear magically. Through discipleship and equipping, the church's primary leadership has a calling of God to multiply leaders for the sake of the spread of the Gospel and the building up of the Body of Christ. 
  6. Mercy and Justice - The gospel is spread through gospel deeds as well as gospel words. Just as the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, we are to pursue the shalom of our communities through serving. Collaboration and partnerships are critical in this calling.


50% of the Intern’s time will be spent in "on the job training", serving in one of several ministry settings, such as Young Adults, Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship, Connect Groups, Youth Ministry or the launching of new worshipping communities within Perimeter Church. This will involve team meetings/relationships, pastoral care, evangelism, discipleship, preaching/teaching and ministry planning and coordination. 

The other 50% of his time will be spent learning "Perimeter Best Practices". This will focus on both Perimeter's "way of doing ministry" (principles, not programs) as well as essential skills needed for successful church planting and pastoral ministry. Perimeter’s Director of Church Planting will guide the Intern through challenging and informative learning experiences. Guided reading, team meetings, seminars and conferences are just some of the avenues for exposure to key areas of understanding for successful church leadership. 

Specific competencies will be developed in the areas of Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry Design, Leadership, Management, and Preaching/Teaching. A focus on contextualization of ministry will be emphasized and the training will be highly relational and personal.


The Intern's time will be split 80/20. 

80% of his time will be spent helping a Church Planter or young and developing church "in the field" in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the Church and the Intern. This may include more opportunities to preach, plan and lead worship, develop new ministries and/or lead ministry team leaders. This will give the Resident a better "feel" for what it will be like to plant. 

The other 20% of his time will be spent in the pursuit of his next calling; and, if he will receive a call to plant from another church, presbytery or network, in doing demographics and spending time in the target area, developing a Ministry Plan, raising funds and preparing his first few months of preaching.


Interns will participate in the monthly gatherings of the North Georgia Church Planting Network. This exciting and fruitful network will provide the intern with ongoing training, gospel centered renewal and prayer, supportive relationships and Kingdom networking. 

Interns will be part of two ongoing discipleship groups. One will be under the direction of Perimeter's LOLMD staff and leaders, who have a combined experience of over 60 years of discipleship ministry. The other will be as part of the personal discipleship group of Perimeter's Director of Church Planting, Bob Cargo. Bob has been involved in personal discipleship since his teen years, has planted three churches and has pastored two large / multi-staff churches. Bob has served as Perimeter's Director of Church Planting and on Perimeter's Teaching Team since 2003.

Please note: Following the CP/D Internship, the Intern is free to pursue a calling to plant, lead, serve, preach and shepherd as the Lord leads. It is our hope that churches in major cities throughout the US will be blessed by planters who have been trained, in part, at Perimeter Church. Likewise, if this internship leads pastors to serve as the Discipleship Pastor for new or established churches, we will celebrate what is being accomplished for the glory of Christ and the spread of His Kingdom.