Leadership Development

The Resident Program at Perimeter Church exists to equip young leaders for vocational ministry. We use practical, hands-on ministry experience as a platform for ministry skill development. The two-year program includes theological training, exposure to life-on-life missional discipleship, mentorship, and a full-time job within one of the ministries of Perimeter. Our hope is that each resident would be sent out well-equipped to serve the local church.

Kingdom Flourishing | Spiritual Multiplication | Community Transformation


  • Training Intensive

    The Resident Training Intensive is a 21-day holistic training experience. We kick the program off with a three-day camping trip followed by regular workouts, focused time to work on spiritual disciplines, guided personal reflection, and foundational trainings.

  • Metro Atlanta Seminary

    Theological foundation is a large part of the resident program. To ensure that we do this well, Metro Atlanta Seminary offers residents a certificate course onsite, during the workday. At the end of the two years, residents will have earned a Certificate of Biblical Studies. Regardless of previous seminary experience, all residents participate in this program so that the cohort learns together as they dive deep into theological topics and practice having conversations about spiritual things.

  • Discipleship Clinics

    Residents will attend three discipleship clinics put on by Life on Life Ministries. Here, they will learn how to be a part of the movement of life-on-life missional discipleship.

  • Life-on-life leadership from supervisor

    Each resident has real work to do in their role on a ministry team and their supervisor plays a large part in directing, equipping and sponsoring them to do it well. They meet regularly about ministry and life as these two go hand-in-hand.

  • Resident Community Development

    Both cohorts work together to serve the community outside their ministry area. This is context to do ministry outside the walls of the church, serving our neighbors in tangible and intangible ways.


Jesus taught His disciples, personally mentoring them and giving them access to His life. He also immersed His disciples in real-life mission.  As a resident, you will experience Perimeter’s thoughtful and intentional method of disciple making and training, receive valuable teaching from ministry leaders in Biblical study and ministry topics, and do meaningful work in a specific department within the church.

Here is the core of what you'll experience as a Perimeter resident:

  • Theology

    Equipping residents in biblical and theological knowledge to develop and reinforce a Christ-centered approach to vocational ministry.

  • Discipleship

    Perimeter’s main focus is transformation through Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship (LOLMD). LOLMD follows the Biblical model laid out by Jesus and how He developed His disciples. As a resident, you will get to experience this firsthand both by being in a discipleship group and having the opportunity to lead a group for students.

  • Ministry Immersion

    The work of a resident is important and purposeful. As a resident, you will work within crucial roles to ensure you grow in your skills and abilities, and the ministry of the church can function to most effectively impact God’s Kingdom.

  • Accountability Culture

    A place of clear expectations, regularly measured and evaluated


  • Camp & Sports Outreach (Camp All-American)

    Summer day camp marketing & programming

  • Children's Ministries

    KIDS Discipleship (K - 6th)

  • Community Outreach

    Church partnerships, community impact, and member deployment

  • Student Ministries

    Jhi (6th - 8th) and Watershed (9th - 12th)

  • Worship

    Worship leading, music directing

  • Young Adults

    College and Twenties


  • Ministry Residency

    This a two-year experience designed for a select group of qualified men and women. All roles are full-time and salaried opportunities. If you are a college or seminary graduate, graduating college student, or present seminary student, please consider applying.

  • What is the length of the program?

    Two-year program beginning in August of each year

  • Perimeter Leadership Development Residency sounds great! How do I apply?

    All spots for the cohort beginning in August 2022 have been filled. We will begin interviewing for our Fall 2023 cohort in October 2022. Go ahead and fill out our interest form if you’d like to be contacted when we begin interviewing.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? No problem. Contact Michal.

Michal Whitlock

Resident Coordinator