What is the Leadership Development Residency?

The Perimeter Residency was started to help current and future leaders like you develop your God-given potential. It is here that you will grow in an understanding of your gifts and calling by engaging in productive work while you learn.


The Residency was designed after the One who developed leaders best — Jesus — and His model of disciple making. Our vision is that you will graduate from the program a sincere worshipper and lifelong disciple maker.


Here at Perimeter, it is our desire to make and deploy mature and equipped followers of Christ. We want to move into our families, communities and the world, following Jesus’ model of disciple making, with a sense of urgency and intentionality in sharing the Good News that transforms and redeems.


Jesus taught His disciples, personally mentoring them and giving them access to His life. He also immersed His disciples in real-life mission.  As a resident, you will experience Perimeter’s thoughtful and intentional method of disciple making and training, receive valuable teaching from ministry leaders in Biblical study and ministry topics, and do meaningful work in a specific department within the church.

Here is the core of what you'll experience as a Perimeter resident:

  • Ministry Content

    One day a week is set aside for training in Bible literacy, vocational ministry, practical life/work skills, team building leadership development and more.


  • Discipleship

    Perimeter’s main focus is transformation through Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship (LOLMD). LOLMD follows the Biblical model laid out by Jesus and how He developed His disciples. As a resident, you will get to experience this firsthand both by being in a discipleship group and having the opportunity to lead a group for students.


  • Ministry Immersion

    The work of a resident is important and purposeful. As a resident, you will work within crucial roles to ensure you grow in your skills and abilities, and the ministry of the church can function to most effectively impact God’s Kingdom.


  • Community and Fun!

    We think one of the reasons Jesus chose to do ministry and mission with people is because it’s just more fun! There will be times to laugh together and also to encourage and support each other. We’ll have weekly resident lunches, participate in team building activities, take a few field trips and have lots of time to just hang out together. We hope you will develop life-long relationships that will encourage you wherever God’s calling leads you.


Ministry Tracks

  • Student Ministries (Position filled for the 2019-2021 class)

    Jhi (6th - 8th) and Watershed (9th - 12th)


  • Women's Ministries (Position filled for the 2019-2021 class)

    Discipleship, assimilation, training, and bible studies


  • Worship - (Position filled for the 2019-2021 class)

    Worship leading, music directing


  • Community Outreach - (Position filled for the 2019-2021 class)

    Church partnerships, community impact, and member deployment


The Specifics

Click these tabs to see our residents and where they are focused.
  • 1st Year Residents
  • 2nd Year Residents
  • Residents Program Alumni


Caroline Reynolds

Camp & Sports Outreach

Chase Pifer


Chloe Fullerton

Junior High (Jhi)

Devin Thompson


Jesse Baize


Luke Simpson

Camp & Sports Outreach

Preston Bates

Junior High (Jhi)

Rafael Montano

Camp & Sports Outreach

Sarah Vargas

Community Outreach

Savannah Lubben



Caitlin Clark


Daniel Gastley


David Collins


Dustin Belue

Twenties & College

Evan LaForge

Camp All-American Marketing

Jay Nelson

Music Director

John Williams

Worship Leader

Jon Whisenant


Kevin Chung

Worship Leader

Kieran Mayer

Junior High

Sydney Bethune

Community Outreach

Resident Program Alumni

See where they are now!

Ainslie Bowling

Girls Discipleship Coordinator; Old Cutler Presbyterian Church

Avery Dodd

Youth Minister at Christ Community - Lakeland, FL

Brandi Richardson

Staff Recruiting

Brittany Bonnema

Vanderbilt Graduate School

Caine D'Onofrio

Campus Pastor, Friendship Church

Caleb Martin

Men's Discipleship and City Transformation - Perimeter Church

Cameron Bible

Vocal Director - Perimeter Church

Cam Washington

Campus Pastor - St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

Chandler Strong

Field Guide at Aspiro Group

Collin Baxter

Worship Department - Perimeter Church

Ericson Joubert

RTS Orlando

Hannah Nowland

Serving in Greece with MTW

Holly Stone

Therapist at Aspiro Group

James Smith

IT Department - Perimeter Church

Jaymi Hendrix

Director of Youth Small Groups - Roswell Presbyterian

Jenna Leigh Councill

Joe Nowland

Serving in Greece with MTW

Katie Squiric

Word Music & Church Resources

Sarah Wheless

Internship in Jamaica

Steven Barnes

Tech Department - Perimeter Church

Tristan Justice

Technician Helper Symspire

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