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The Evidence for Original Monotheism
A special Areopagus presentation by

Dr. Winfied Corduan

Retired Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Taylor University,
and author of In the Beginning God: A Fresh Look at the Case for Original Monotheism


When: Thursday, November 15, at 7:30 PM


Where: Perimeter Church / Midtown Auditorium


Did belief in God "evolve" over thousands of years of human history from primitive animism to polytheism and then eventually into monotheism, or was the consciousness of a supreme God and Creator inherent in humanity from the beginning?


The Bible teaches that belief in God began when God created the first human beings and revealed himself to them. But is there any scholarly evidence for this belief?


In the 19th century a fierce debate erupted among scholars regarding the origins of religion, with many contending that man essentially invented the concept of 'God' after millennia of worshiping nature (animism, and the veneration of spirits)and a pantheon of polytheistic gods. This has been the prevailing view in virtually all anthropology textbooks for the last 150 years.


However, a closer examination of the evidence supports just the opposite: that the modern anthropological view, like many assumptions based on secular humanistic philosophy, has it exactly backwards, and that mankind was created in the Image of God with an innate sense of God-consciousness.


Join us as Dr. Winfried Corduan explains why this issue is so important, and how Christians can put this knowledge to use in making the case for the truth of the Christian faith.


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