Knowing and Communicating Truth in a Confused World

The class is designed for high school and college students, parents and other adults. It is especially well suited as a follow-on class to TFL/STFL, although TFL is not required.  

Jonathan Morrow of the Impact 360 Institute will be our guide as we unpack the current crisis of truth and learn how to effectively communicate with unbelievers. It is our goal to equip you to get past the slogans that people use by asking intelligent questions. Questions that will perhaps cause them to think more deeply, to examine their assumptions, and to learn how to seek out the truth for themselves.



These videos are a core component of the course (you will not need to purchase it).  

Each lesson includes a brief introduction to the topic, followed by the video presentation and Q & A. Unique role-play exercises will train students in the art of asking interesting, provocative questions.

The book “Tactics” by Greg Koukl is recommended but not required for the course.