This training is designed for leaders who want to learn the basic coaching principles and practices. This will prepare you with basic knowledge and skills to effectively coach anyone you intentionally meet with on a regular basis. There are many business applications to this training also.


We are especially committed to training ministry leaders, elders, Journey group leaders and coaches who are involved in the life on life missional discipleship movement. The power of change comes through gospel coaching as the Coach, Leader, and Holy Spirit work together!

  • Discipleship leaders who want to deepen their intentional impact. 
  • Seasoned discipleship leaders who want to effectively coach new leaders.
  • Leaders who want to spend life-on-life time but are not sure how to do it well.
  • Elders who are shepherding families but don't really have a plan to do it well.
  • Managers who want to lead their employees more effectively.
  • Business leaders who desire to add coaching to their company. 
  • Parents of teenagers who want to shift their parenting style to one that works.
  • Supervisors who want to motivate those who lead rather than just manage them.
  • Participants who have already attended previous CFL classes since the content has been updated. 

  • You will experience the benefits of Christ-centered coaching.
  • You will know how to practically apply the gospel as the power of sanctification to your life and to those you are leading.
  • You will see how a shepherding view of coaching will deepen the way you lead and love others.
  • You will learn a very practical and effective model to spend intentional time with those you are leading.
  • You will see the power of the Holy Spirit actually changing lives. 

  • How have you benefited from the training you received through CFL?

    "My coaching and discipling women has greatly improved the results in their lives.  They have experienced a more steadfast walk in the Spirit as they discover the direction the Lord has for them.  When appropriate, I use these coaching techniques in my personal life with my adult children, friends, D Group ladies, mentoring relationships and extended family.  It has enhanced my relationship with them. I am not called to be a 'professional' coach, as a career. I do not charge. I am called to use this gift to help mature the Body of Christ in her walk with the Lord.  I've encouraged young moms to go through this training, as it will help them raise their children with a 'shepherd's heart'."


    "The main thing I benefited from Coaching Foundation for Leaders was more confidence in ability to help others"


    "The main thing I benefitted from CFL was

    1.  Learning how scripturally-based coaching is

    2.  Learning to be MORE dependent on Jesus

    3.  Learning to use coaching skills in my business consultant work

    4.  Learning to use coaching skills with my adult children"


    "The main thing I benefited from Coaching Foundations for Leaders was being equipped in having conversations with a disciple in order to help them apply the gospel to all areas of their lives...personal, spiritual and missional in order to bring glory to God. I learned that through the Holy Spirit's power and guidance I could shepherd leaders' hearts by listening with my heart, asking powerful questions and helping them develop goals for life transformation"


    "I can impact a person's life in a significant way towards greater maturity and personal growth. Through intentional questions and good listening, I can help an individual see where they are, and where they want to go. And through applying the power of the gospel, help them strategically plan and implement their process to growth and achievement."


    From a "formal" coaching relationship that extends over 5 months, I have watched multiple women change the direction of their thinking and growing by leaps and bounds as they have engaged in the process of coach/coachee relationship. From informal coaching, I have seen "light bulbs" turned on in hearts and eyes. I have seen the fogginess of lack-of-direction clear-up in one simple heart-to-heart coaching session. It has been very encouraging and invigorating for me.

  • Friday, October 19

    6:00 - 9:00 PM

    Midtown Auditorium

  • Saturday, October 20

    9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

    Midtown Auditorium

  • Sunday, October 21

    10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon

    the Shed

Cost: $20 (This covers the workbook you will use during the whole training.)



Please purchase "The COACH Model for Christian Leaders" by Keith Webb before class begins.