Laboring in the lives of a few with the intention of imparting one's life, the gospel and God's Word in such a way as to see others become mature and equipped followers of Christ, committed to doing the same in the lives of others.

What Is Life-On-Life Missional Discipleship?

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NOTE: If you are a pastor or leader in another church and are interested in learning more about beginning discipleship in your church, please visit www.lifeonlife.org.

  • What is the process for joining a discipleship group?

    1.    Fill out an interest form. The form lets us know a little about you, which helps us connect you to a leader whose group is meeting at a time and location that works for you.

     2.   Wait to hear from a leader. We do not assign groups. We will introduce you to a leader who is forming a new group or has space in a current group. We encourage you to talk with men you know at Perimeter to find out about potential openings in their discipleship groups.

    3.    Meet with a leader face-to-face. This gives you both an opportunity to get to know one another. You can find out more about the leader's group and he can learn what you are looking for in a group as well.

    4.    Pray and decide. After meeting with a leader, please take a little time to think and pray about whether to commit to the group.

    5.    After you have committed to a group you will receive an email with the registration form. (Women's groups will also be able to register for childcare on this form.)

What should you expect to experience in a Discipleship Group?

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