Womens Discipleship

We long to help you grow in your walk with Christ and discipleship is one of the most impactful ways of doing this–it’s what Jesus did. Groups are kept small and provide a great place for care, prayer, going deep in the Word and opportunities to serve and reach out to others.

Matthew 28:18-20

And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Laboring in the lives of a few with the intention of imparting one's life, the gospel and God's Word in such a way as to see them become mature and equipped followers of Christ, committed to doing the same in the lives of others.

Why do we value discipleship?

Because Jesus calls us to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). During His ministry on earth, Jesus invested deeply in a few men - loving, teaching, and equipping them. We desire to follow His example.

What does discipleship look like for women at Perimeter?

Life-on-life missional discipleship at Perimeter happens in small groups of 5-6 ladies who commit to meet together for one year at a time. Each group has a leader who has a heart to develop a safe community where ladies can be known, loved, and care for one another. This community helps one another know God through His Word, grow in Christ-likeness, and become equipped to invest in others.

For more details, please see FAQ below.

How do I know if a discipleship group or a Bible study is right for me in this season?

Discipleship (LOLMD) group at Perimeter:

  • Long-term (one year at a time)
  • Time commitment: prepare for lesson, come to weekly meeting, spend time with leader outside of meeting, attend workshops on occasion
  • Focused on daily walk with God, applying the Word, sharing hearts and lives, becoming equipped to invest in others
  • Deep relationships with a few

Bible studies at Perimeter:

  • Short-term (6-12 weeks)
  • Time commitment: prepare for lesson and come to weekly meeting
  • Focused on learning specific topic or book of the Bible and being encouraged in your walk
  • Get to know other ladies in the church

Both discipleship groups and Bible studies will help you grow closer to the Lord in community. We would love to discuss with you what would be best for you.

When do discipleship groups start?

Groups start in August and go through early May.

How often do groups meet?

Discipleship groups meet formally once a week.

Some of our working moms groups meet every other week to accommodate women who are juggling work and home life.

What is the process for joining a discipleship group?

1.    Fill out an interest form. This lets us know a little about you, which helps us connect you to a leader whose group is meeting at a time and location that works for you.
2.    Wait to hear from a leader. We do not assign groups. We will introduce you to a leader who is forming a new group or has space in a current group. We encourage you to talk with ladies you know at Perimeter to find out about potential openings in their discipleship groups. This process takes time. The groups start forming and connection tends to happen in late July through August. Feel free to reach out to Kelli Means for an update or questions in the process.
3.    Meet with a leader face-to-face. This gives you both an opportunity to get to know one another. You can find out more about the leader's group and she can learn what you are looking for in a group as well.
4.    Pray and decide. After meeting with a leader, please take a little time to think and pray about whether to commit to the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to fill out an interest form?

    Since joining a discipleship group is a relational process and most groups start in September, it is ideal for us to receive interest forms as early as possible - ideally between May and July.

  • After filling out an interest form, when can I expect to hear from a leader?

    It is most likely you will hear from a leader sometime between mid-July through early-September as that is when most leaders are ready to form their groups or add to current groups. We still encourage you to fill out your interest form as early as possible because we will start connecting people as soon as leaders are ready to reach out to new ladies. Please contact us anytime if you would like to know where we are in the process. We are happy to talk with you.

  • What if it doesn't work out with the leader who initially contacts me?

    This happens sometimes for a variety of reasons - it could be that your schedules didn't coordinate or that the group wasn't a fit for your stage of life. We will do our best to connect you to another leader. You can always get in touch with us if you have questions during the process.

  • What is the time commitment?

    Groups typically meet for about two hours, and it takes about one to two hours to go through the curriculum on your own each week. Because discipleship is "life on life," leaders will also meet with group members one-on-one on occasion, and groups may decide to get together informally for fellowship or to serve together.

  • When do groups meet?

    Groups meet formally once a week at various times, Sunday through Friday, either in the morning or in the evening. It is based on what works best for each group.

    *We have a few groups that meet every other week to allow for this commitment. These groups are for full-time working moms who are juggling a work schedule along with children, yet desire to have community, grow, and be equipped.

  • Where do groups meet?

    Groups either meet at Perimeter or in a group member's home.

  • Is childcare available?

    Childcare is available from 9:20 - 11:45 AM for a fee for groups that meet at the church on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. More information will be posted over the summer.

  • What curriculum will we use?

    Most groups use The Journey curriculum, which covers a wide range of topics, such as Gospel Living, Grace Commitments, Knowing God, Marriage, Parenting, and Christian Worldview. Each lesson includes these key elements: Truth, Equipping, Accountability, Mission, and Supplication (T.E.A.M.S.©).

  • What does a typical group time look time?

    While the Journey curriculum provides structure, the group time is very relational and interactive. The majority of the group is spent going over the lesson, sharing personal application, and prayer.

  • Will the other members of my group be in a similar stage of life as I am?

    Many groups are similar in stage of life, but there are groups that have members of various ages. You will be able to indicate your preference on your interest form which you complete one.

  • Can I join a group mid-year?

    Occasionally a spot becomes available, but it is rare. Women's Ministry also offers Bible studies that you can join mid-year.