Discipleship Orientation


Discipleship is the process where growth, maturity and development happen as a follower of Christ. It's not a Bible study, a social circle or a small group. Throughout the Bible the lesson of discipleship is evident as we see leaders taking a small group of people around him or her and pouring his or her life into them. The most recognizable model of discipleship is Christ as He spent three years walking alongside of and experiencing life with His 12 apostles.


What separates discipleship at Perimeter from other small groups is an intentionality towards life-on-life missional discipleship and focus on the process of maturity.


If you're a leader or a member of a Journey Group, then Discipleship Orientation is an important launch to your year.


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Video & MP3's

Randy Pope's 2017 Orientation Talk
(Video - 47' 00" )


Randy Pope's 2017 Orientation Talk - will be posted soon


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Spiritual Accountability
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What is Discipleship?
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