Jhi LEAD Servant Team

What is the Jhi Servant Team?

The Jhi Servant Team is a great opportunity for you as a 7th or 8th grade Jr. High student to serve. The Jhi Servant Team will provide you the opportunity, as students, to take ownership and leadership in the Jhi ministry through praying, reaching out to people, growing in your God given gifts, and serving in an area of the ministry! 



Who can be on the Jhi Servant Team?

Anyone who is involved in the Perimeter Jhi Ministry and registered in a Discipleship group.

Why do we have a Jhi Servant Team?

The purpose of the Jhi Servant Team is to glorify God by leading people into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through their thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes. The Jhi Servant Team is vital to the furtherance of the gospel in our ministry. The fact of the matter is that you as a student can have a great impact on the lives of your peers!

What does being on the Jhi Servant Team look like?

Servant Team students will serve the Jhi ministry throughout the school year and summer. In addition to serving on Jhi Servant Team, students will have an opportunity to serve on a ministry team. These teams will have an adult leader to lead them in serving in the ministry. All Servant Team students will have the opportunity to serve at LINK or LIFE.

The entire Jhi Servant Team will meet once a month from September to April from 6:30 - 7:30 PM on Sunday nights along with attending orientation during the month of August. These are a special time to build community with the team! During this time, we provide training, encourage each other, pray and share life.  

Students on ministry teams will also meet at a time determined by your leader. For example, if you are serving in Tech for LINK, you will meet about an hour before LINK starts on Friday nights.


In addition to serving on a ministry team, all Servant Team students will be expected to serve at least 2 times per semester at LINK and 3 times per semester at LIFE with Welcome, Set Up and Clean Up.

Who should be on the Jhi Servant Team?

It is easily summarized in this way ... they are FAT, yes I said FAT: Faithful, Available, and Teachable. What does that mean? It means that you are
•    Faithful to the word of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the furtherance of His gospel, and to leading and serving in all aspects of the Jhi Ministry.  
•    Available to make time to lead and serve in the Jhi Ministry and to take time to spread the gospel to those around you.
•    Teachable, meaning that you are willing to learn from other people, willing to change the way you think and do things, and willing to align your will with God's way of living.


1. Tech Team: to help in the tech booth with lights, sound, or video at Bricks Live and/or Discipleship.
2. Creative Team: to film and edit trendy, homemade videos and dramas for our ministry.
3. Worship: Help lead worship for programs and events for the Jhi ministry.  
4. Prayer: meet and pray before BRICKS Live and Discipleship, for the programs and for prayer requests. Our Servant Team members should be praying throughout the year during personal prayer time in addition to corporate prayer.
5. High-Five: Create a welcoming environment for new and regular attendees, help to set up and prepare for programs, and help break down/clean up after programs.

What's next?

If you would like to apply, download the application and email it to Renee Imbesi at reneei@perimeter.org or turn it into Renee Imbesi in the Jhi Office. We will setup an interview with you before our training in August.

We encourage our Servant Team members to attend Taste of Perimeter and Membership Classes as a way to gain further understanding of the mission and values of the church. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions e-mail jhi@perimeter.org.

We look forward to serving with you all this year!