Adults: Selfless Serving

We believe

One thing we know to be true ... you're never too big to be a kid! Adults find opportunities in KidsQuest highly rewarding and of course ... FUN! Where else can you go where you get to laugh, and enjoy yourself while investing with others to put on a highly professional worship experience. We ask adults to serve only one weekend a month and spend the remaining weekends worshipping with their families. Many of our adults serve for many years as they find their experience to be a meaningful investment into the lives of kids and families. No position ever requires background experience as KidsQuest trains all adults in various areas to help them feel comfortable and learn addition skills in the production process.



Opportunities to serve in the technical area are exciting, challenging, and always fun. We train adults to run computerized light boards, video computers, sound boards, video switchers, and more. All areas interact with each other allowing a fun interaction of personalities, and ultimately a high quality and smooth worship service for kids/families. As stated before, KidsQuest trains all adults in these areas until they are comfortable in their specific area before they are placed into a 'live' position.


Worship Singing

Each week adults lead worship in song. KidsQuest singers consist of highly trained and experienced singers, as well as beginners. Teams of singers are composed to help encourage and grow new singers, while giving veterans of worship leading an opportunity to engage children and adults in worship.


Worship, Dance, & Choreography

Many opportunities exist for adults to lead our worship teams by being a part of the movements to our worship songs. This is a highly rewarding position where you get to see kids grow in their walk with God and their understanding of focused worship. This consists of a once a month commitment on a Thursday evening, and a Sunday Worship service.


Acting Coaches / Acting

This division is always looking for adults who love to invest in the arts through the coaching of young adults. Acting coaches invest in highly talented teens for each week's sketches by inspiring, encouraging, and challenging them in their art. So much of the message and application of the message is given through sketches that acting coaches experience great satisfaction seeing the message work through efforts of the teens.



Prayer is vitally important to the life of KQ.  We have a prayer team that prays during the week for individual needs of KidsQuest and prays each and every Sunday.  If you value prayer and would like to be a part of an organized prayer team, please let us know.


Crowd Control

Sounds intimidating doesn't it…it's not really. KidsQuest provides opportunities for adults to simply sit in the audience and keep a watchful eye on some behaviors while enjoying a creative and engaging worship service. Many of our adults have served for many, many years, and love the opportunities to have fun with the audience while they in turn hear God's truth in exciting ways.


Administration Check-in

If you enjoy organization and yet still like to have a friendly connection with people, take a look at this team role.  Each week when our visitors and 1st-2nd graders check in they are greeted, enrolled into the database and met with a smiling-friendly face.  It's the best of both worlds!