Live Video Release!


On Sunday, November 11, Perimeter Worship presented a live video release of "Sweet Sweet Grace," featuring the Perimeter choir and worship leader Collin Baxter.


Perimeter volunteer musicians and the Perimeter choir played a major role in the live recording. The video showcases their voice and musical talents but, more importantly, it showcases the many lives that God has changed by His amazing grace!


Perimeter Worship is an outfacing ministry of Perimeter Church. The heart behind this ministry is to offer music and resources to the greater global Church and to showcase how volunteers can be equipped in the local church to use their musical gifts for God’s glory. The motto of Perimeter Worship is “God’s people, using God’s gifts, for God’s glory.”


The lyrics of "Sweet Sweet Grace" were inspired by a Perimeter sermon series, "A Glorious Grace". The song embodies the deep and true theology that Perimeter values so much, packaged in a contemporary, upbeat, fun worship song that can be used by other churches. The hope is music and resources released from Perimeter Worship will be a blessing to many in the greater Church.


The live audio version was also released to iTunes and Spotify on November 11. You can find the video on demand on Perimeter's Facebook page at /PERIMETERATL.


Read Collin’s description of the meaning behind the "Sweet Sweet Grace" lyrics:


“The Sweet Sweet Grace lyrics are a reminder to all believers that God’s grace completely and totally covers us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


"Each and every one of us was searching at some point – searching for something that would satisfy the longing in our hearts – and all believers eventually come to a point where they see that NOTHING in this world can ever satisfy. It’s only temporary satisfactions. The 'water' of the world will never give us what we need, but Christ can! He says in John 14:4, 'but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.' We have access to eternal life through Christ, and once you taste the water of Christ you can’t help but worship the giver of all life!”