Investigative Forum (IF)


Are you searching for answers?

In times of uncertainty many people start to question things about life and/or God.  

Maybe, you’re evaluating what in life really matters to you?

Maybe all of this has you ready to explore the things of faith. Or, if God is even real?

Or, maybe you’re wondering how a loving God could allow a pandemic? 

The Investigative Forum, hosted by Perimeter Church, is a five-week, live, online event to let you ask the hard questions about life and God in an open, non-judgmental environment. 

Each week we will examine a different claim of Christianity and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and shape the discussion. You can attend one week or all. 

There is no registration for IF, no pressure and no obligation, just a chance to hear insightful answers to questions we all struggle with. Skeptics and cynics are welcome. 

IF will be hosted live on this webpage starting Sunday, April 19 at 8:00 PM

Investigative Forum (IF) Topics And Schedule:
  • Finding Life Satisfaction

    Sunday, April 19 | 8:00 PM | Online here
    In this strange time when life isn’t normal, we are all missing something… sports, socializing, work identities and daily busyness. With this week’s topic, we will explore the biggest question of all – How do we find life satisfaction?

  • Is The Bible "The Word of God"?

    Sunday, Apr 26 | 8:00 PM | Online here
    There are many views on the Bible today. Some see it as harmful and divisive. Others see it as irrelevant. And still others view it as God’s word. You listen and decide what you think.

  • Do Non-Christians Really Deserve Eternal Punishment?

    Sunday, May 3 | 8:00 PM | Online here
    Isn’t this a harsh, intolerant attitude? Do non-Christians really deserve eternal punishment? Don’t good people everywhere, from any faith deserve to go to heaven…if there even is a heaven? We will explore this controversial topic and you can ask your questions.

  • How Can Jesus Really Be The “Only” Way?

    Sunday, May 10 | 8:00 PM | Online here
    There really can’t be a single, “true” faith…right? That would just be wrong. What about all the other faiths? Listen and hear the claims of Christ. Is He a liar, lunatic or Lord? You decide.

  • What Is Required For Eternal Life?

    Sunday, May 17 | 8:00 PM | Online here
    If God loves us and is good, why would there be a requirement to go to heaven? 

Our Host

IF is hosted by Randy Pope, founding pastor of Perimeter Church. Randy has trained church leaders throughout the world and has been a guest lecturer at numerous universities and graduate schools throughout the U.S. He is the author of several books and study guides including: The Intentional Church, Finding Your Million Dollar Mate, The Answer, Insourcing, The Journey, and Life Issues. Randy and his wife, Carol, have four grown children and fifteen grandchildren .