A Season of Sacrifice and Preparation

The 40-day period before Easter has been historically known in the church around the world as the season of Lent. Lent is an uncommon word and, because the concept may be mysterious for some (or even confusing), we thought we would share some ideas that might help you understand and even encourage you to participate in the season. Three quick points:

First, it is not about trying to white knuckle giving up chocolate for 40-some days!


Second, Lent is a season where we, as believers, have an opportunity to sacrifice (set aside) something that we hold as valuable in order to make space in our minds and hearts to receive something of greater, even infinite value. Christ crucified. Christ risen. Even Christ coming again! We want to de-clutter, so we have room for Him.


And third, Lent is a time of preparation in which we intentionally draw near to Him so that we will be able to be fully engaged, immersed if you will, in the heartbeat of Jesus during Holy Week.


Throughout Lent, watch for videos posted here and released via the Pulse and Perimeter’s Facebook page that share thoughts on how you can draw closer to Jesus during this time.


Week Five: Giving | Caleb Click

Week Four: Self-Denial | Laura Story Elvington

Week Three: Prayer | Emilio Hood

Week Three: Prayer | Emilio Hood

Week Two: Repentance | Randy Schlichting

Week One: Sacrifice | Jeff Norris

Week One: Sacrifice | Jeff Norris

Plan to attend Holy Week Services

Consider attending Holy Week services this year. These powerful services immerse you in the story of the gospel as told from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday. Below is the Holy Week schedule for 2019.

Palm Sunday Service

On Palm Sunday, the gospel story of Holy Week begins. Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey while crowds of people shout “Hosanna!” with excitement as they line the streets with palm branches.  As the story continues on, we see the compassionate heartbeat of Jesus as He weeps over the city that will soon reject Him.


  • Saturday, April 13

    5:00 PM | in the Main Sanctuary


  • Sunday, April 14

    9:00 AM | in the Main Sanctuary

    10:45 AM | in the Main Sanctuary


Maundy Thursday Service

The Maundy Thursday service is a time to remember the servant heart of our Lord as He washed the feet of the disciples and called them (and us) to go and love one another as He has loved us. Maundy is from the Latin Mandantum which means command or mandate. “A new command I give you, love one another….” It is a time to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to reflect on His work, our struggle to love, and the means by which we can be changed to be motivated to love one another. Communion will be offered.


  • Thursday, April 18

    7:00 PM | in the Main Sanctuary


Good Friday Service

The Good Friday service is a time to remember the sacrificial heart of our Lord as He gave His life on the cross for us. Although an awful historical event, it is called “Good Friday” because Christ willingly suffered and died to pay the price for our sin. This sacrifice changed the course of humanity and enabled believers to have victory over sin and death that we celebrate each year at Easter. Good Friday is the ultimate gift of a loving God for His creation.


  • Friday, April 19

    Noon | in the Main Sanctuary


Easter Service

The Easter service is a celebration of God’s power and the victory over sin and death. No longer in the grave from Good Friday, Jesus rose from the dead and with that we rise to life in Him. He brings forgiveness, redemption, and eternal life for all who seek Him! Easter is a time of rejoicing and celebrating the heart of our Savior that beats for us. Hallelujah!


  • Saturday, April 20

    5:00 PM | in the Main Sanctuary


  • Sunday, April 21

    6:30 AM | Sunrise Service | at the Founders Outdoor Chapel; bring a blanket or chair

    9:00 AM | in the Main Sanctuary

    11:00 AM | in the Main Sanctuary