Exodus Series

Join us for this nine-week series. Gain a deeper understanding of the overarching themes in the book of Exodus and in the life and history of the Israelites. See how these fit into the larger narrative of the Bible. Understand the framework for the gospel message as it parallels what God is doing in Exodus and what He later does through Christ.

  • September 13 - The Nearness of God
  • September 20 - The Name of God
  • September 27 - Pharaoh, God Promises Deliverance
  • October 11 - The Plagues
  • October 18 - Passover: Act and Institution of the Meal
  • October 25 - God's Instruction Before Land - Feast
  • November 1 - The Parting of the Red Sea
  • November 8 - The People Grumble
  • November 15 - The Parting of the Red Sea

Digging Deeper Podcast

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