Our Greater Love sermon series addresses the fact that the world and the communities we live in can be hard and messy, full of division and brokenness. It’s hard to know how to rightfully respond, or better yet, love as Christ would. Join us each weekend as we explore together what the Bible teaches about applying a GREATER LOVE, when loving: the greatest of sinners, the less than, the different and our enemies.





There is a very exciting opportunity coming to Perimeter Church and we hope you will mark your calendars to attend! Our teaching team will be hosting two Q&A panel discussions on Sunday evenings to dive deeper into the topics we are discussing in our Greater Love sermon series.  These panel discussions are a great way to learn, ask questions and hear more in-depth information from our panel of experts.


Please note, a light snack will be served at Panel 2. Parents, if you are bringing your children to childcare, please also bring a light snack or dinner.

  • Panel Event #1

    True Religion Discussion Panel: Diving Deeper Into A Love for the Poor
    Date: Sunday, February 11


    Our guest panelists were Dr. Brian Fikkert, Founder and President of the Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College and coauthor of the best-selling book When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself, and Dr. Shawn Duncan the Director of the Lupton Center, and the training and consulting division of FCS, Focused Community Strategies.


    The panel discussion shared the strategic vision behind the church’s approach to helping the poor in our communities. 

Guest Panelists Include:

Brian Fikkert

Brian Fikkert is a Professor of Economics and Community Development and the Founder and President of the Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College. He is coauthor of the best-selling book When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself, as well as Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions, Helping Without Hurting in Church Benevolence, and From Dependence to Dignity: How to Alleviate Poverty Through Church-Centered Microfinance


Brian earned a Ph.D. in economics from Yale University, specializing in international economics and economic development. He is the author of numerous articles in both academic and popular journals. Prior to joining Covenant College, he was a professor at the University of Maryland - College Park, and a research fellow at the Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector.


Shawn Duncan

Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of The Lupton Center, the training and consulting division of FCS | Focused Community Strategies. Shawn has an MDiv from Lipscomb University and DMin from Columbia Theological Seminary where his research focused on the formation of missional identify. Gifted in content experience design and the facilitation of adult learning, Shawn leads the Lupton Center team in working together to transform the paradigm for responding to material poverty. Backgrounds in ministry, coaching, non-profit start-ups, leadership, and curriculum design have prepared him to equip churches and organizations to create lasting impact in their city.  






What's Next?

Would you like to better understand what poverty is and how to best walk alongside individuals and families who are feeling marginalized? All of the books can be found in the Perimeter Bookstore. We know that getting started is the hardest part so we put this together with you in mind. No matter where you decide to serve, there are some logical starting points to help you determine how God has designed you and where He is calling you to share your time and talents.


  • Below is a list of resources to help you

    Care Bags For The Homeless
    Basic Needs Drive


    • "When Helping Hurts: How To Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting The Poor ... And Yourself"

      by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

    • "Loving The City"

      by Tim Keller

    • "Ministries of Mercy"

      by Tim Keller

    • "Generous Justice"

      by Tim Keller

    • "The Turquoise Table"

      by Kristen Schell

    • "Don't Waste Your Life"

      by John Piper

    • "Befriend"

      by Scott Sauls

    • "Your Days Are Numbered"

      by John Pirrett

    • "The Story Of Everything"

      by Jared Wilson


    • "When Helping Hurts" Video Series

      You may also want to watch the “When Helping Hurts” video series offered by the Chalmers Center. Invite your family or small group to explore this 4-part video series with you. Click here to learn how to help the poor without hurting them, to engage in effective poverty alleviation.

    • "Seeking Shalom" Interactive Video Series

      Interested in joining an online group to go through an interactive video series offered by Community Outreach through The Lupton Center entitled "Seeking Shalom"? Email Debra Potter or call 678.405.2215 for more information. This video series will equip leaders to change the charity paradigm in their church or city. "Seeking Shalom" diagnoses why charity is not working, builds a rich, biblical framework for understanding poverty, and invites practitioners to implement five principles that get us beyond meeting needs and into seeking shalom.

  • Panel Event #2

    One Family Discussion Panel: Diving Deeper Into A Love For Our Neighbors
    Date: Sunday, March 4
    Time: 5:00 - 7:00 PM
    Location: Hanger


    Mark your calendar for a second Q & A panel discussion to be held Sunday, March 4, from 5:00 - 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall! This panel discussion will feature the following guest panelists and will dive into how you can learn to love others well who are racially different than you are. 


Guest Panelists Include:

Sam Kang

Sam Kang is a second generation Korean-American and proud of being made in the image of God. He is the son of Korean immigrants that came to the U.S. in 1971 and 1973. Growing up during the 80’s and 90’s, Sam and his family stuck out in a less than 1 percent Asian community. Feeling like a perpetual outsider, God used Sam’s experiences to prepare his heart to hear and receive grace from the ultimate outsider, Jesus Christ. God has grown in him a passion for three things: God’s diverse people, God’s Glory, and corporate worship. These passions have turned into service in the areas of multi-ethnic musical worship, cross-cultural discipleship, and racial reconciliation. Sam has worked at Perimeter Church with Church Planting, and is currently serving at Renovation Church in Atlanta. His desire is to plant a reconciling church in the Metro-Atlanta area in the coming years. 

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim is the high school discipleship coordinator at Perimeter Church and has been in youth ministry for nearly 20 years. As a child of Korean immigrants, over time and with much trial and error, he learned to navigate between two cultures as someone who doesn’t quite fit in one culture or the other. Jimmy is passionate about helping students discover their identity in Christ and how that transforms their worldview.









Randy Nabors

Randy Nabors is the Urban & Mercy Coordinator for the PCA’s Mission to North America (MNA), and the Coordinator of the New City Network.  The New City Network is an extension of the congregation Randy planted and is made up of churches that are cross-cultural, urban, include the poor, have joyful worship and sound Biblical teaching, with works in some 70 cities and several countries. Randy is the Pastor Emeritus of New City Fellowship, a congregation he planted in 1976 and served for 36 years.  He is a retired Chaplain, (COL) USA, a former missionary to Kenya with Mission to the World (82’-84’), author of the book Merciful, a writer of numerous articles and a blogger.  Randy is a former Board member of Presbyterian Youth in America (PYA) and of Covenant College.  He is a graduate of Covenant College and Covenant Seminary, with other post graduate studies in urban missions and urban studies from Westminster Theological Seminary and Georgia State University, the College of Urban Life.


Bryan White

Bryan White serves as Parish Pastor at Perimeter church for Atlanta, Dunwoody, Peachtree Corners and Norcross. He oversees a group of elders and deacons in an effort to better serve and meet the needs of the families living within his parish. Bryan was also appointed to serve on the church plant commission (CPC) giving leadership and assistance to church plant pastors as they navigate the 2-year residency and process of planting new churches. Additionally, Bryan serves on the leadership team of Unite!, a network of over 200 churches in metro Atlanta who are working toward collaboration and relationship building for Kingdom impact. He is currently part of a committee of pastors who are praying and dialoguing around the issues of diversity and reconciliation in our churches and presbytery.

Bryan is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and also has a bachelor in theology from James W. Teamer School of Religion. He was an All-American defensive back and played 5 years professionally.

Danny Wuerffel

Danny Wuerffel is executive director of Desire Street Ministries and a former American college and professional football athlete who played quarterback for the University of Florida and the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins.


While at the University of Florida, Danny led the Gators to four SEC Championships and the university’s very first National Football Title. He won the 1996 Heisman Trophy, the William V. Campbell Award, and set 17 NCAA and University of Florida records. In 2013, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.


The New Orleans Saints drafted Danny in 1997. After three years with the Saints, he played with the NFL’s European league, winning the World Bowl Championship and was selected as the league’s MVP by the European media. He then went on to play one season with the Green Bay Packers followed by the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins before retiring his professional football career in 2004.


Immediately following his football career, Danny joined Desire Street Ministries, a nonprofit with a mission to revitalize America’s most impoverished neighborhoods through spiritual and community development. He became executive director in 2006.

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