Did you miss the celebration last night? Our 40th Celebration EP “Next Step” which includes some of the songs from the night is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and on all the major streaming services (Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, and YouTube). Search for it using the search term “Perimeter Worship”. For a direct link to iTunes, click below. 

Key Stories From The Past

  • $600 Story

    Early in 1977, John Haggai, a well-known evangelist, challenged Randy Pope to “attempt something so great for God, that it is doomed to failure unless God be in it.” With that statement burning in his heart, Randy was to begin a mission church in Northeast Atlanta. He, Carol, and infant son, Matt, moved to Atlanta with virtually no contacts and limited money. It seemed the work was doomed to failure in those first weeks! Randy and Carol found themselves with $10.00 in their pockets, and rent due on Monday. 


    That Sunday they visited a church and met an old friend, but the Popes didn’t feel led to share their needs with this man. Until they received their first check from their new employer, The Presbyterian Church in America, they would need approximately $600 for deposit, rent, food and necessities. As the offering was being taken, their friend wrote a check and instead of placing it in the offering plate, he slipped it into Randy’s pocket. The check was for $600. Randy and Carol were awed that God was truly blessing their plans.


    *Excerpt taken from: “Perimeter Church: The First Ten Years 1977-1987”, written and compiled by Kathy Griffin Stewart.

  • $50 Story

    In early September (1977), a five-man steering committee was named to search for an appropriate facility for the young church to meet in. These men set September 13 as the deadline for securing a church home. On that very day Randy found himself in the office of Mr. Cecil Day, founder and owner of Days Inn and Day Realty Corporation. There was no secretary there, so he knocked on the partially opened door. After Randy explained the need to Mr. Day, he said he might just have the place for us.


    “Several thousand feet of unused office space would be perfect,” thought Randy, “but even at a greatly reduced rental fee it would be impossible to afford.” Two thousand dollars a month would have been a generous discount, so when Mr. Day offered it for $50 a month and no utility fees, God’s hand was evident! The young church also experienced other provisions that were divine confirmations that God was leading this group.


    *Excerpt taken from: “Perimeter Church: The First Ten Years 1977-1987”, written and compiled by Kathy Griffin Stewart.