Everyone is searching for Truth. Asking hard questions.

Perimeter Church is now hosting a five-week Investigative Forum (IF) - an interactive exploration - for people who want answers to the big questions of life and faith. You’re welcome to come, ask your questions, hear the answers and then you decide what you think.


Each of the five-week sessions will focus on a specific claim of Christianity in a non-threatening large-group, conversational environment. You will have an opportunity to submit questions, which will be used to help shape the direction of the weekly discussions. 


IF could be just what you are looking for. No pressure. No sign-up sheets. No obligations. No requests for money. No kidding. Just a chance to hear some very insightful answers to the tough questions we have all been asking. Skeptics are welcome.


Investigative Forum will run every Sunday, October 1 - 29, in the Gym at Perimeter Church. It is open to the public. Childcare for children ages birth through five years is available with no sign up required. 

Investigative Forum (IF) Topics And Schedule:
  • Finding Life Satisfaction

    Sunday, October 1


  • Is The Bible God's Word?

    Sunday, October 8

  • Do Non-Christians Really Deserve Eternal Punishment?

    Sunday, October 15

  • Is Jesus The Only Way? What Is Required For Eternal Life?

    Sunday, October 22

  • Forum Conclusion & Roundtable Discussion - Ask Your Questions

    Sunday, October 29

Our Host

IF is hosted by Randy Pope, lead teaching pastor and founding pastor of Perimeter Church. Randy has trained church leaders throughout the world and has been a guest lecturer at numerous universities and graduate schools throughout the U.S. He is the author of several books and study guides including: The Intentional Church, Finding Your Million Dollar Mate, The Answer, Insourcing, The Journey, and Life Issues. Randy and his wife, Carol, have four grown children and fourteen grandchildren .