Families Being Together and Serving Together

We value

Families attend and families serve in KidsQuest each week. KidsQuest's culture is to have families serve together one time each month, and to worship together as a family the remaining weeks.  We believe this strengthens the family as they serve and worship together.


KidsQuest values families, and it's evident in our structure. Many families understand that service is a part of their Christian walk. In KidsQuest we provide opportunities for families to exercise this part of their spiritual service by serving together. A large portion of our volunteer 'force' are related as family members.


We place all family members serving on the same Sunday (for two services, one weekend a month), and then ask the family to spend the remaining three weeks worshipping together as a family the rest of the month. We believe this creates a family excitement for KidsQuest, and an excitement for the family to be together in worship, thus allowing them to ultimately 'grow' together in their spiritual walk.