KIDS: Ready to Lead

We believe

We believe kids are ready to lead…and to lead right now!  Kids (4th-6th) have a number of opportunities to learn and refine skills in various forms of production. 


Worship Leading

Teaches kids what it means to worship God on a deep and sincere level while putting their worship into modern movements that support each and every song. Designed for boys and girls, they go through a summer boot camp each year learning movements and stage skills for all of our songs, and then each Sunday they lead the audience of KidsQuest in worship. They practice one time a month, and are offered other opportunities for those who desire more.



KidsQuest provides young upcoming actors ways to develop and refine their talents through the acting program. This division allows and provides them opportunities to be developed by experienced coaches and to be placed onto a future weekly acting team.


Crowd Leadership

If you're in 6th grade (all grades beyond 6th are welcome) and want to be a part of KidsQuest but don't have an interest to perform, we welcome individuals who show leadership by helping in the crowd.  These people show a maturity and willingness to be an example to the younger kids while helping them remain engaged in the message of the day.  All personality types are welcome.