Greater Love Series

This series addresses the fact that the world and the communities we live in can be hard and messy, full of division and brokenness. It’s hard to know how to rightfully respond, or better yet, love as Christ would. Join us as we explore together what the Bible teaches about applying a GREATER LOVE, when loving: the greatest of sinners, the less than, the different and our enemies.


Look below to see the schedule of topics/speakers in the series.

  • January 13/14

    What Is Love?

    Jeff Norris

    John 15

  • January 20/21

    Worst Of Sinners

    Caleb Click

    1 Timothy 1:12-17, Luke 7

Greater Love: True Religion
  • January 27/28

    God's Love

    Caleb Click

    Psalm 113 & James 1

  • February 3/4

    God's Command

    Jeff Norris

    Deuteronomy 15:7-11

  • February 10/11

    God's Judgment

    Bob Cargo

    Matthew 25

Greater Love: One Family
  • February 17/18

    The Story Of God's Family

    Randy Pope

    Revelation 5 & 7

  • February 24/25

    Embracing Our Identity

    Randy Pope

    Colossians 3

  • March 3/4

    Welcoming The Stranger

    Bryan White

    Leviticus 19:33-34

  • March 10/11

    Guarding My Brother's Dignity

    Jeff Norris

    Galatians 2

Greater Love: Impossible Love
  • March 17/18

    Impossible Love: Part One

    Caleb Click

    Matthew 5:43-48, Jonah

  • March 24/25

    Impossible Love: Part Two

    Randy Pope

    Matthew 5:43-48, Jonah