Dying To Give

Dying To Give

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  • What Am I Living For?

    Bob Cargo | May 29

    Bob Cargo completes the series "Dying to Give" with this message, focusing on Psalm 67. His big idea is that God is calling you to be a blessing to a broken world through gospel centered generosity. When God blesses us we want to bless others. Are you seeking to be a blessing with all you have and all you are? What are some ways that you can be a blessing to others?


  • Whose Money Is It?

    David McNeely | May 22

    In part two of Dying To Serve, David McNeely walks through Malachi 3:6-12 and looks at "Whose Money Is It?". He looks at several main ideas: God doesn't need His money back - but He does ask for it back. If you have turned away from the Lord, return - He will be right where He's always been. And know that when you give to the church you honor God, support His mission, and uphold His people.

  • Can I Trust God?

    Jeff Norris | May 15

    The natural inclination of our hearts is for comfort, ease, security, and safety. However, too often these are not found in God. Treasuring Christ involves trusting Him, and trusting Him involves surrendering to Him, and surrendering to Him involves every part of our lives, including our money. Jeff Norris' message "Can I Trust God" kicks off the series, "Dying To Give", and looks at Matthew 6:19-24 and 3 questions: "Where Do Your Treasures Lie?", "For What Does Your Heart Long?", and "Who Or What Do You Love?".

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