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Randy Pope digs into Romans 6-7 to understand why those "in Christ" are free from sin, free from the law, and free, yet still struggle with sin.

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  • Free To Struggle: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Jan 24

    Randy looks at Romans 7:24-25, continuing his study of how we are free to struggle. We are in a daily fight and struggle. This week we look at how every Christian has only one hope for deliverance. Our answer in the midst of the struggle is our Deliverer, Jesus Christ. We can find freedom even now! 

  • Free to Struggle: Part One

    Randy Pope | Jan 17

    Every Christian lives with an enemy within. Randy investigates this enemy as he looks at Romans 7:14-25. Robert Louis Stevenson's book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is used to illustrate this enemy within us. Although our mind is renewed as we become Christians, there is still a struggle in our flesh. We live with a very real enemy - and we can have victory, but only with help.

  • Free From The Law: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Jan 10

    Randy continues with "Free From The Law" with part two, as he walks through Romans 7:7-13. Part Two is "How the believer is indebted to the Law". Randy looks at two questions: 1) Is the Law sin? and 2) Does the Law cause death? The more we embrace the Law, the more we see our sin. The Law exposes, provokes, and condemns sin.

  • Free From The Law: Part One

    Randy Pope | Jan 03

    The Law is an expression of God and is as beautiful as grace. Join Randy as he walks through Romans 7:1-6 (NASB) and how the believer is released (separated) from the Law.

  • Free From Sin: Part Three

    Randy Pope | Dec 13

    There are four truths that summarize the teachings of Romans 6:15-23. These truths are critically necessary to understand our salvation and the freedom that goes with it. They also help us understand the great logic to the surrendered heart.

  • Free From Sin: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Dec 06

    Randy continues digging into Romans 6:11-14 and Know - Consider - Present and how we must remember our identity with Jesus.

  • Free From Sin: Part One

    Randy Pope | Nov 29

    Take a look at Romans 6:1-14 as we investigate what freedom requires, the three ways we are baptized with Christ, and two critical terms - the old self and body of sin. We begin with "know"-ing.

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