Generosity And Grace

Generosity And Grace

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  • Grace, Generosity, and Faith, Part 2

    Randy Pope | Nov 12

    Randy Pope finishes the "Generosity and Grace" section of "A Glorious Grace" this week with his message "Grace, Generosity, and Faith, Part 2". He looks at Philippians 4:10-19 (NASB), and how God's provision for His people is in part connected to their financial faith walk.

  • Grace, Generosity, and Faith, Part 1

    Randy Pope | Nov 05

    Randy continues the series on generosity and grace with part one of the message "Grace, Generosity, and Faith, Part 1". In this message he digs into faith walking, then completes with communion. Randy also gave us homework for next week - to study Philippians 4:10-19. 

  • Beautiful Grace

    Caleb Click | Oct 29

    Caleb Click continues the series on generosity and grace with his message "Beautiful Grace", based in Matthew 26:6-13 (ESV). No matter what our eyes and hearts may tell us, what we see here is no waste. Jesus invites us to join the woman in Matthew 26 and see and behold the Lamb who was slain, and lay down our lives as fragrant offerings in worship.

  • Transforming Grace

    Caleb Click | Oct 22

    Grace is so powerful it transforms all it touches. Have you ever felt so lost and thought, "Who could want me?" Jesus wants the lost - He came to seek and save the lost. This week, see this truth as Caleb looks at "Transforming Grace", seen in the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10 (ESV).

  • Abounding Grace

    Bob Cargo | Oct 15

    Bob Cargo continues the series "A Glorious Grace: Generosity and Grace" with his message "Abounding Grace" which looks at 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 (NIV). This passage connects three things: the gospel of grace, the cross and incarnation of Christ, and our call to be generous. Bob looks at Jesus' story: riches to poverty, and two parts of our story: riches to poverty, then out of poverty. It's about grace and how it transforms our lives.

  • Fearless Grace

    Jeff Norris | Oct 08

    Jeff Norris looks at "Fearless Grace" and how are hearts are continually in a battle, caught between two kingdoms: the kingdom of self and the Kingdom of God. Daily we are faced with the question, "To which king will I bow today?" When we set up camp in the kingdom of self, worry and fear become the predominant atmosphere. Walk through Luke 12:22-34 with Jeff as he continues our series on grace.

  • Treasuring Grace

    Jeff Norris | Oct 01

    Jeff starts the next "A Glorious Grace" sub-series, "Generosity And Grace". What you love will determine what you trust, and what you trust will determine where you lay up your treasures. It's all connected. What would people say about you if they were asked where your treasure lies? Taken from Matthew 6:19-24 (ESV), Jeff looks at "Treasuring Grace".

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