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Hearts Set Right

Hearts Set Right

What the Psalms tell us about Worship, Temptation, Thankfulness and the Advent of Jesus.


The Psalms of the Old Testament were the worship songs of Israel and of Jesus. They still have the power of God to point us to Truth and set our hearts right!


Would you like your heart "set right" ... regarding worship, temptation, thankfulness, or Jesus Himself? This four part series by Teaching Team member Bob Cargo will take you more deeply into Psalms than you may have ever journeyed before.

Messages in Series

  • ADVENT: The Majesty Of God In Christ

    Bob Cargo | Dec 22

    The majesty of God is seen most clearly in the work and person of Jesus. We can be what we were made to be because Jesus became what we were created to be. Listen as Bob Cargo walks through Psalm 8.

  • Thanksgiving: Not The Holiday. The Gift Of God

    Bob Cargo | Nov 22


    Psalm 107


    Thankfulness for our redemption in Christ feeds a thankful heart in all things.

  • Three Weapons Against Temptation

    Bob Cargo | Oct 11

    Psalm 141


    Where are your battles about temptation? Is it with candies, sensuality, richer, power? Follow Bob Cargo as he looks as three weapons to use against temptation: prayer, reproof, and the Lord as our refuge.

  • Worship 101: Why Are We Here Today?

    Bob Cargo | Aug 02

    Psalm 95


    Preachers want you to come to church - but they always talk about things outside the church service. Bob Cargo takes a look at this concept of worship. First, understand what worship is, then how we worship. Finally, Bob looks at why and who do we worship.

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