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  • Irate

    David McNeely | Oct 04

    Ephesians 4:25-5:2; Romans 12:14, 17-21


    Anger is an emotion declaring opposition. Join David McNeely as he looks at anger:  how we typically become irate and how we deal with being irate, along with what to do with anger and when we become irate.

  • Insecure

    David McNeely | Sep 27

    Psalm 91 (ESV)


    On what is your life built? Is it a stable footing or is it something that won't last? David McNeely looks at how we deal with insecurity and what we should do when we stumble on the path called insecurity. We find our only true source of security in Jesus.


  • Isolated

    David McNeely | Sep 20

    Do we crave connection? How do we handle isolation? Step into the presence of God and say "Here's where I am! Help!!" Join David McNeely the first week of his series, "I LIFE", as he takes a look at isolation and loneliness. 

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