The Bible is the greatest gift God has given. It points out who God is and how we can relate to Him. Join David McNeely as he starts at the beginning of Jude, the fourth shortest book in The Bible, and works his way through.

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  • How To Contend

    David McNeely | Nov 08

    Jude 17-25 (ESV)


    How do we contend for this faith? How do we fight? How do we go about this process of joining God in His mission to advance His kingdom all throughout this globe? David concludes his series, Jude, by looking at Jude 17-25 in which Jude gives us instructions on how to contend.

  • Why Contend For The Faith?

    David McNeely | Nov 01

    David McNeely continues his series on Jude, taking a look at the subjects of righteous condemnation and false teachers. We must all examine our standing before God.


    Jude 5-16


    The original video from Penn Jillette that is seen/heard in this message may be found at

  • Contend For The Faith

    David McNeely | Oct 25

    In the first message in this series, David looks at the 3 R's to study when beginning to study a book of The Bible.

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