Loving Where You Live: A Theology Of Place

Love Where You Live: A Theology Of Place

You live somewhere, an important somewhere. Your neighborhood,  your community, your suburb, your city ... where you live is not an accident. Where you live is not a coincidence. God has a plan for you in that place. He sent you there. Where you live matters.


In this series, Jeff Norris challenges us through the Scriptures to love where we live. God is calling us to be agents of redemptive influence by caring for, caring about, and seeking the welfare of  where we live. To love where we live we need to understand the grand redemptive plan of God (week 1), the need for a new community for where we live (week 2), the necessity of the gospel for where we live (week 3), the need for redemptive unity for where we live (week 4), and the power of prayer for where we live (week 5).

Messages in Series

  • Praying For Where You Live

    Jeff Norris | Oct 30

    God calls His people to bring His flourishing to their cities through their work and through their prayers. Jeff finishes the "Love Where You Live" series with this message in Jeremiah 29:4-7, 11-13. Our prayers and our work are too often centered on ourselves and not on the flourishing of our cities. Part of being someone who works for the flourishing of their city is being someone who is a studier of their city. We also need to pray big prayers to a big God and expect Him to big things for His glory.

  • Redemptive Unity For Where You Live

    Jeff Norris | Oct 23

    Our presuppositions, judgments, and prejudices often inhibit us from even beginning to love where we live. Join Jeff Norris as he continues the series with the message "Redemptive Unity For Where You Live", based on Acts 11:19-26, 13:1-3 (ESV). Jeff looks at how our reconciling God is pursuing redemptive unity even in the face of His reluctant church.

  • The Gospel For Where You Live

    Jeff Norris | Oct 16

    As the wounded who have experienced the compassion and healing of Jesus in Word and Deed, we must proclaim Him in both Word and Deed. Jeff looks at Matthew 4:23-25 (ESV) as he investigates "The Gospel Where You Live".

  • A New Community For Where You Live

    Jeff Norris | Oct 09

    How are you going to be an agent of God's redemption where He has placed you? Jeff Norris, in his message "A New Community For Where You Live", looks at this question in the context of community. The real community we long for can only be found in Jesus! The gospel of grace leads us into a new community ... a new community for us and for our city. Hear how Acts 2:42-47 (ESV) points us in this direction. Can you imagine what this type of community would produce and change in the places where you lives, work, and play?

  • Where You Live Matters

    Jeff Norris | Oct 02

    Jeff begins a new series this week: "Loving Where You Live: A Theology of Place". The first message, focused on Genesis 1:26-31, is "Where You Live Matters". Genesis to Revelation is the story of a God who loves this world and every in it. He loves His creation and is faithful to it even when we are not. You matter and where you live matters - all of creation!

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